Coming to you live. From my sofa.

I apologise for being missing in action, but I got super busy before our trip to Disney World, then spent 2 weeks in Disney World where I got sick as a very bad cold was doing its rounds in the All Stars resort (well it was definitely in Music where we stayed and I’m sure it was in Movies and Sports too!) and Gareth got really sick too. We spent most evenings/nights snuggled up in bed watching American TV and a few days while walking around the parks we just were too exhausted to do much and ended up chilling out at Downtown Disney or back in the room to rest. I should have known we were doomed from the start when Hurricane Sandy turned up, not that Sandy actually caused any issues in Orlando though we did have to take a bit of a detour but at least we could get to Florida!

Then we cam home and I continued to be exhausted and ill, and ended up going back on my inhaler (despite not being asthmatic) as this chesty cough was really knocking me sideways and I was finding it hard to catch my breath and it seemed hard to breathe and for added measure I ended up with laryngitis too. On Monday at work I couldn’t get through to the doctors and a nurse at NHS Direct on Sunday suggested I see one. Luckily I was allowed to just turn up and wait to be seen only I could only be seen by a Triage Nurse who told me: plenty of rest, plenty of fluids, prop myself up in bed with lots of pillows to help with the coughing, and rest my voice. For a week. Uh-oh. So I am getting up in the morning and moving to the sofa as we have more TV channels in here and the arms on the sofa make it easier to be propped up, then going back to bed at night. Except yesterday when I had to get up because of the police being around but I have a feeling that story isn’t finished just yet so watch this space and I can elaborate if you haven’t already read my twitter.

So to top all that off, my beloved 3GS bit the dust. He was giving me minor issues while we were away, however upon our return he just refused to play at all if he wasn’t on wifi and even if he was he was being temperamental. I guess he knew he was going to be replaced soon, I just didn’t figure out it would be so soon!

New phone

I love my new phone, all Disney-fied (well I bought the case ready for it as I knew I would eventually be getting one) and bonus it came with D-Tech screen protector – get in! My phone has a FLASH, like a proper camera, though could have really done with that in Florida haha! Only had a quick go with Siri this evening and asked to google Ali Edwards because I just had to play, and even with laryngitis Siri understood me (the reason I hadn’t played sooner!). Impressed! When my voice is better I will have a proper play! Though I want Siri to be a woman and not a bloke.

So for now I go back to Pinterest and carry on listening to my Christmas playlist (I caved & bought Digital Pants vol 1 because it had My Favourite Christmas Sweater, Zombie & Hear Those Jingle Bells on it!) and I heard good things about this year’s xmas song… and I LOVE Hear Those Jingle Bells 🙂 So I have last year’s great xmas song, and this years and Snowed In album to listen to. Looking at the positives 😉

Oh and in all that time I only gained 2 pounds. Not bad going at all ^_^

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