Start of a new one



I have Taz’s collar & his blanket. I miss him so much 😦

But it’s about time we had some good news…



Thankfully we can start telling people, that we are expecting 🙂  Which is a relief because of baby & colitis bloating, I’ve been trying to hide this…



Still far too early for me to be showing (due date is November 21st)! I look forward to when the bloating goes down and I get a proper bump 🙂

End of an era



Monday last week was one of the hardest days. Taz went to the vet as his health has been failing and he never came home as he was put to sleep.  My adopted furry little brother is gone 😦

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Making the most of the bank holiday Monday, lots of work to do around the flat. Gareth is repainting the bathroom and the garden needs tidying up too, thank heavens for the gloriously sunny weather.

Isn’t it funny?

I made this for @pennydog and there’s just something about doing a random act of kindness for someone 🙂  

Penny book

(Sorry about the blackberry pic!)

To know how much it was appreciated fills me with a lovely warm fuzzie feeling 🙂 Which seeing as I’m reading two self help books to make myself less stressful and to feel happier 🙂  And any excuse to play with my Robo 😉

I’m back!

I had to use alternative means to contact my host but I’m back on my site, just an hour ago, from home! Toot toot!

Me and taz

I found this photo on Gareth’s old phone and love it. It’s totally me and Taz 🙂 Anywho, my Week In The Life project is finished and I will get pictures of it. I am getting a new toy tomorrow as well so pictures of that when it arrives.

I have been doing some digital scrapbooking a lot the last couple of weeks. I’m a big fan of Karla Dudley, after taking her Journal 3 Ways class and getting her downloads as part of class. Totally in love!

Oliver's Christening
(digital layout about Oliver’s Christening for my own album. All Karla Dudley Designs)

Another life saver? The one and only Cathy Zielske.  My scrapbook idol! I have spent a few pennies at her Designer Digitals shop, and I have to admit I bought her template pack as I have all my cousin’s kids to make scrapbook pages for, and not enough time, and to be honest their scrapbooks are not the top of my scrapping priority, so I have found, dragging and dropping the photos I snapped of them at my nan’s house with some of the awesome digi kits I have and need to justify buying them (LOL!) so quick and easy. No mess, no fuss!

morgan tea lhsmorgan tea rhs
(Holly McCaig “Oh So Girly” kit. Template from Cathy Zielske at Designer Digitals)

welcome morgan
(Shabby Princess kit: Promise Collection. Template from Cathy Zielske at Designer Digitals)

Sorry about the random post, but I wanted you all to know I was back. I do have a Blackberry now and have an app for WordPress on there so I can post (hence previous post!) I will be back with some eye candy! 🙂

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Firstly to start off this post, here’s a shot of Oliver I got doing his cute pouty lip thing. It was taken in low light settings with my kit lens, so I’m glad how it turned out – I imagined it would have been much more blurry!
Oliver's pout

And Taz enjoying his mini break 😀
Taz sleep

And now for the main event: Sims 3.  Now since the patch has been released it’s been a  MUCH better gaming experience. For me, I play on my laptop as it’s just easier for me and it allows my beloved Fiance to play on World of Warcraft on the main computer, and my laptop failed on CPU speed to be able to play it but I can play it fine 🙂

I started with Jamie Hart as I did in Sims 2 and immediately married him off to the first local who he met called Blair
Jamie Hart

They had two kids Avery Grace and Dylan and once Avery Grace was a young adult I moved her out to test the Story Progression 😀 She had a boyfriend and two kids, although the father of the children is questionable LOL! It doesn’t show in the family tree mode.
I continued on with Dylan who met Bella (yes, THE Bella!) at the gym and he married her, only to find out that she already had a little boy called Cary. Bella and Dylan had Connor together and as Cary was already around they didn’t have anymore kids. As Connor grew older I had a very funny time trying to get him hooked up with someone! He started off with a girl called Rayne who completely blew off all of his advances, so he started dating a girl called Lacy… Only she never came to see him – and in fact everytime he rang her to come over she would tell him to call back in so many hours or try again the next day. Now, I got annoyed so the last time she blew him off and told him to call back the next day I made Connor go to her house where she was watching TV. He proposed to her and she refused… so he went to see Rayne where she absolutely adored him! (Go figure…) So it was back to Lacy’s house where he broke up with her and things got VERY ugly… Seriously she was yelling and screaming at him to get out so he obliged!

Now at Rayne’s house there were a bunch of guys there which I assumed were her brothers… and boy was I wrong! Once married, only then did I realise that those 3 men were in fact her sons amd she was just days away from becoming an elder. Oops. So it was a race to get my heir! Then Aurora was born 🙂 She’s currently a teen and the only 2 people left in the household are Connor and Aurora as Dylan died and just 2 days later Rayne died. Dylan did really well though, he got his lifetime wish and lots of aspiration points, so on the Hart section of the graveyard, Dylan stands proud above everyone else.

Aurora Hart

Taz the hoodie

I’m on Networked blogs on Facebook should anyone want to follow me 🙂  and my photography one is there too:  and I need people to confirm that I’m the author so please do that too after my failed attempts to confirm it myself.

My current book

My book was seriously funny. And I thought things went terribly wrong on my camping holiday the other week, nothing campared to this, and Emma and her family are nothing but persistent! LOL, I loved this. And the ending seemed very fitting too 😉


My “beach in a box” is seriously awesome. I had it on my desk at work and my boss destroyed my sandcastle – to be honest I think he just wanted to play with it and see what it was about, so squishing my sandcastle seemed the best way!

Sea Monkeys

Our sea monkeys are doing ok. Easiest pets ever.

Taz in his blue rain coat

Taz the hoodie

and isn’t Taz the cutest hoodie you’ve ever seen lol! My parents took him camping last weekend but it was a bit wet so they bought him a rain coat complete with hood.

I will have to find something to blog about that’s better than this.

Roller coaster

This past week has been such a roller coaster of emotions, what with Oliver being born last Saturday (Stewart’s first Fathers Day today, I’ve text him already 🙂 )  I have started on Oliver’s scrapbook already, and have asked his daddy for some photos he may have taken to put in there. So here’s the front page:

 Olivers first page

Then losing Buster on Wednesday.

The vet said himself it was odd that he had paralysis and disorientation, and although we all thought it was a stroke, it was probably more likely a brain tumour.

This is what I have made dad for father’s day…  He loved that dog to pieces. They went running together and everything, and as my dad said, undoubtedly one of the best dogs we have ever had.

Fathers Day present

I also made a Buster mini book.  I made it in less than 2 hours, the chipboard pieces were the inserts of the Maya Road album I turned into a travel binder.  2 albums for the price of one 😉

Buster minibook - Cover

You can see the rest of the album by clicking this link here: Buster Album, and going through the images you see on the right.

Taz has been getting a ton of attention.  He’s been such a good boy, he even goes for walks without his lead anymore.
Taz cuddles

and this photo breaks my heart everytime I see it. It’s Taz waiting for Buster to come home 😦

Taz waiting for Buster to come home

But Taz has some new friends – They’re my old dog slippers 🙂

Taz's new friends

and my mum will probably kill me for this, but I love it anyway – this photo best explains why I nicknamed Buster “Buster Bear”

Why Buster "bear"?

He was a big cuddly bear.  I miss him so much 😦  Dad went and donated Buster’s stuff to a dog shelter, and they were trying to get him to take a Staffie home, but mum and dad have said no more dogs. as it’s too heartbreaking and too soon besides.  I went over twice yesterday to see Taz, and dad was just wandering around with Taz in his one arm lol.  My dad has requested my Buster photos, so I have put them on my USB stick, smiling to myself knowing that I came up with a great idea for his father’s day present.

Anywho, I gotta get the last lot of washing on, vacuum the front room after all the hole punching for Buster’s album and take a shower then head on over to parents. Gareth has gone to see his dad today, but I wanted to stay with Taz.

Introducing :)

I wonder just why I didn’t upgrade to the latest wordpress before… I’m so stuck in my ways haha.  But really though, I’ve been soooooooo busy doing website stuff, and after drooling over all of the professional photography blogs and finding out the template cost about $170 (or there abouts) I decided to heck with that I can do it myself.

And it has been very hard work, but after giving up on flash after over 5 and a half days trying to get it to work, I found a few other avenues to go down and the lovely people over at the WordPress forums, I have got some photoblog themes that can have a flash header if you download the plugin 🙂 there are 3 themes at the moment but I’m putting them up at my portal and that’s not completed yet, although the green theme is up and running at the photoblog, complete with a few pictures from yesterday in their full glory (the whole point of the photoblog 😉 ) you can check that out here:

My personal blog is up and running over at but I tried everything to transfer over this blog with all the posts and it just won’t go. Poopy. I will pretty much post an entry when I’m moving over there though.

Anyway, now for photos.  Here’s Stewart and his mural in his son’s room:

Stewart and his creation

The baby changing mat (not much longer til the little cutie makes his arrival – can’t wait to meet my nephew!)

Aww cutie baby changing mat

Baby clothes :heart:

the baby clothes

Buster soaking up the rays…

Buster soaking up the rays


This is so hard. I’m still sleeping a lot. Yesterday when dad drove me to the tip just to drop off my fridge freezer, I came home and was so exhausted I just nodded off as soon as I sat down.
Dad picked me up today and took me to my parents house so I could look after the dogs while he ran errands. It was nice to snuggle up to Taz, and I was only there an hour or so, got home and out for the count again.

Come 9.30pm I’m fast asleep for the rest of the night until my alarm goes off at 6am for my tablets. Dad came round and put an old TV on top of my wardrobe so I can go to bed and watch TV and G won’t have to wake me up to get me to bed. In the front room I have the little foot rest thingy that my dad made for mum’s feet after her operation, so I can sit in the front room without having the sofa out into a bed (so G can sit down normally) yet I can lay here and sleep and relax.

There was also a letter from the travel agent saying we owe them money for the discount I received for the holiday that we can’t go on seeing as I can’t fly for 4 months. Bascially they want us to pay the discount they took off the holiday and for us to claim it back from the insurance. I’m on a major downer about that. It’s Wednesday today and we were supposed to be going on Saturday. I was seriously looking forward to spending a couple of days at Port Aventura.

I hate you NHS.

There’s so much stuff I didn’t realise about pneumonia. For one, something as simple as getting up and making myself a drink of squash and I’m out of breath, and constantly tired. It sucks.