It’s Complicated

True to my word, as I joked with 2 of the girls in the office this week, the word of the week most certainly was “complicated”. I have excitedly found out my “travel slippers” which was a cute gift from my nan for my honeymoon and have been wearing them, along with my Mickey Mouse earrings. It’s coming around so fast.

2012-10-01 12.49.092012-09-23 17.16.02

Time goes so fast. I remember back in April last year thinking that October 2012 seemed so far away, yet here it is. I left college over 10 years ago, I mean it didn’t seem that long ago, and even one image that has cropped up on Pinterest that reminds me of this:

Source: via Kirsty on Pinterest

I have spoke to a couple of my college friends this week which cheered me up (especially when one conversation involved how awesome Max is from Tangled LOL, I am partial to Pascal too he’s adorable!) The other week I had a message from one of my old friends, we hung out a lot back in the day, but there was a misunderstanding that ended in us not speaking for at least 8 years I believe. I had messages before but I simply deleted them as I just wasn’t interested in hearing what they had to say. Probably such a silly thing to do and I realised this, so I finally replied :) It’s been a nice catch up over this week, apologies were exchanged, and we have moved on. I feel like a weight has been lifted and it’s nice to know I have my friend back for random gossip sessions & pick me ups. Remembering all the other people we hung out with too & being told how they are doing. It’s been quite a week for sure.

Now it’s Friday night, I have to get some sleep before I have to get up early and have my eye appointment. Last one I hope! Contact lenses are a pain in my rear, and I am still rather fond of my glasses thank you, but I hate not being able to see in situations where I can’t wear my glasses. So when I get a month’s supply that should last me a good 30 weeks I should think! Night night.

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