New Moon

Team Jacob!

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I saw New Moon yesterday and it was absolutely FAB!  Such a great atmosphere in the cinema and I seriously want to go see it again 🙂 I think I’ll have to go take my mum lol! People “Woooo”‘d when Jacob took off his shirt and a huge round of applause at the end. Seriously LOVED it, I will type a post tomorrow when I have time with a cut so as not to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it 🙂  Hmm, I think I need to twilight my blog lol!

Mid November


I can’t believe it’s mid November already lol. It’s also going to be Oliver’s first Christmas so Stewart got his decorations out last week! HAHA! Love it 🙂  I’ve been feeling very Christmassy. I got all my Christmas craft magazines out and have been sat reading through them – such fun! We’re trying to tidy up a little in the front room ourselves, to remove clutter to make room for our tree (which is HUGE!) I also decided to go out in the garden and rake up all the leaves, which took me ages, but the garden looks better. And the lovely task of picking up the poop of all the cats in the neighbourhood who have chosen my flower bedding area which I got ready for Spring, as a big kitty litter box. Mum suggested tea bags and Olbas oil, so I’ve done that and hope it does the trick!

I will be going to Hobby Craft on Friday I should imagine 🙂  I’m off to New Moon and the cinema is nearby so I can pop in then, so I shall be starting my quilt next weekend I hope LOL!

Hobbycraft junkie

LOL, I think I may need help. While I’m also having fun bookbinding currently, and coming up with some ideas for handmade presents for certain people, I really REALLY want to have a go at a Christmas quilt. I don’t know, something about the idea of snuggling down on the sofa watching TV, and reaching to the back of the sofa where a handmade patchwork quilt is laying and wrapping it around me is… well… lush lol.

So I do think I’m going to take my Aunt’s £5 off when you spend over £25 voucher will be put to good use by buying Christmas fat quarters, batting and some backing fabric 🙂  It all started on Sunday after I decided my current journal needed a nice bag to go in. With a pocket for emphemera and pens and coloured pencils lol. So I eyeballed the whole project and my sewing machine was playing up but even after I finished that attrocity (but it does the job and I made it myself) I held it in my hand and with the stuff I put in between the lining and outer to reinforce it, it feels like a thin quilt and I was like: “HEY! That’s a good idea…”

Also, I purchased my New Moon ticket for Friday 20th as I have booked the day off work, and as much as I would have loved to have caught the midnight viewing, it is just physically impossible for me to stay up late and as much as I love New Moon I just don’t think I could do it, so I’m going to the second viewing instead which is around midday. Awesomeness 🙂  I have my veil, borrowed from my cousin Sarah and disco is all booked for the wedding. I’m on a roll!