Living in a cocoon

I will be incredibly relieved once things start to settle. We’re only in the second week but this is so hard! The last week or so I have ploughed into sorting my websites out. I had a lot to sort out, but I’m done & happy!
I have been sorting out back ups & notes etc by using Dropbox, google drive & Evernote. It’s nice to start organising my “digital life”.

When I haven’t been doing this & trying to “cook” (I use quotation marks because I’m getting there slowly! Though Wednesday night I burned dinner so had to order pizza) I have been a little in hibernation mode. The weather here is certainly not spring like. It’s more so autumn, and so myself & Gareth have been happily watching all 6 seasons of How I Met Your Mother on DVD.

Hot choc
No I haven’t worked out, in fact I gained a pound last week and refuse to weigh in this week because I’m not making any progress and these couple of weeks while I’m still adjusting I have been quite happily living in my little cocoon swooning over New York trying my best at cooking meals like spaghetti bolognese. I will try some lower calorie meals after a little more practise from my student cook book! It’ll be much better when I finally shake this awful cold too.  I think for the rest of this week I will quite happily continue with cuddles, wishing I get to see New York one day and that I wish we had friends like on How I Met Your Mother 🙂

Layout devotee!

For those of you that know me, I only really buy craft magazine, except in the occasion I pick up a sainsburys magazine because I spot a recipe or article I fancy reading or a food mag for Gareth. I often pour over the sainsburys magazines for their layouts & I do enjoy reading them though I get them rarely.

Strangely enough about a year ago, during my “ugly betty” kick I spotted Marie Claire with Anne Hathaway (devil wears prada, which is very like ugly Betty!) on the cover in a bundle. I thought it was a nice sign so I bought it. I never buy those sort of women’s magazines, but I just had to have it.

I'm not one for magazines that aren't craft ones, but I shall be blogging about this later

Fast forward to now, and after last month when I took a workshop to do magazines I have been adoring magazine layouts immensely. More than usual as a scrapbooker. The workshop has given me a new eye on it. So I was pondering getting Marie Claire, but when I saw the cover with the articles, I wasn’t convinced I wanted to read it, even with the free gifts to entice me. Then I spotted Elle. With Emily Blunt (also devil wears prada) on the cover. I mean, hello!? That’s surely a sign right there. Read the article listing on the cover & it intregued me, before I spotted a smaller sized magazine in a bundle with Company & Cosmo. I flicked through a free digital copy of company before and I quite liked it so i’m looking forward to that, but never seen Cosmo before. Not sure it’s my sort of magazine but technically I got it free so I’ll happily look over the layouts 😉

This is probably making a lot of you who actually know me chuckle. I don’t “do” fashion, though I sometimes wish I did have some nice clothes, a lot of my clothes are hand me downs from my fab nan, and the cardigan I’m wearing right now is a big chunky knit one which I picked up on sale for £5. I do intend on losing some weight so I’m back to my slim figure and can wear anything I want, and maybe I can save up enough money to have a nice Project 333 wardrobe. (Another pound down this week! 4 lb down, 8 to go!)
I don’t wear makeup, but again I sometimes wish I did, though many people have commented that I’m super lucky that I don’t, and that I can in fact get away without ever wearing it. Instead, I decide which lipsmackers  lip balm I shall wear: Dr Pepper, Fanta Orange, Cherry Coke, cotton candy or another one of my many flavours! That’s about as far as I get. Well it certainly makes for a speedy morning!

Well, I guess I won’t be catching up on the second Hunger Games book that I started any time soon, and I’m thinking a nice soak in the bath with a magazine might be calling my name…

New blog Layout

I am so incredibly tired, It seems that around 4am is the time my nose likes to cause me problems! So I have been pinning a little, getting all excited as I have been given a great opportunity 🙂 and in a few moments I shall be grabbing the duvet and curling up on the sofa with the husband before getting an early night I think! Hope you like the new blog layout I whipped up tonight though, as much as I liked the lime green, I’m sure that many people probably didn’t!

Disney bug

Ah beloved blog, you have been (unsurprisingly) neglected. Again. My time of late has been taken up with dibbing, YouTube videos of Disney and writing our trip report all these months later. I suppose it all started when I decided to finally do the video of our honeymoon which triggered off a Disney obsession with me & Gareth once again, but it has been nice to escape, and have just put a few things on the back burner so that I can sit and chill. We had to make some important life decisions a couple of weeks ago when the fanatical-ness started, (as if we were to go back there we can hardly start a family anytime soon!). We had spent the last 6 months in a slump as we came home from Florida as we had such an amazing time, it was sad to come back home, and even more upsetting when we worked out how much a month we’d need to save a month to go back and we just couldn’t do it.

It’s been pretty tough around here of late, more letters with regards to his dad, never ending clutter that now matter how much I tidy up it becomes awfully messy again, and the trip to Ikea we so desperately needed, the main computer playing up so badly even with all the money I paid out to get it fixed I swore blind I was not spending another penny on it (simply because we literally can’t anyway!) My whole weight loss journey (with just 5lb left to go) has had to take a back seat. Our camcorder needs to be sent back in for repair once again. My allergies have been keeping me awake at night: yesterday morning I was awake at 2.50am. Gareth’s car needs the exhaust checking. It’s never ending.

Today I need to be super crafty: I have about 8 card to make, though today I have to make at least 3 of them and do the others through the week.  I started cleaning the kitchen and need to finish that today, as I was so tired I had to nap yesterday so tidying  had to be postponed, and I need to desperately clear a path in the bedroom, it’s like a dangerous obstacle course in there.

Life truly likes to test us to breaking point.

That dreaded snow

Snow dec 2010

It’s a repeat of January. I have already packed up a back pack ready for a long trek to work in the morning. Though instead of having to walk the full distance, I will still have to catch the bus and it’s not doing the full route. The closest main road to us is just a sheet of ice and so many cars have been sliding all over, so first thing in the morning I will need to try and find out where the last stop is for the bus and walk there. Catch the bus into town, and then walk a further 1.4 miles to get to work. Beats walking the full 4 miles though. I tried walking the 3.6 miles to our old building back in January before we moved and that was hard enough, and so it seems I shall be catching the 6.57am bus (well, I say that time, but who knows really with the weather??)  and Gareth shall be catching the bus too but then catching the train as he works in a nearby town.  There is no way I can get out of the cul de sac, and even if I did, I would then be skating on the little road off it, and then skidding across the main road after that, and it’s just not worth it. Though it’s going to cost Gareth a good £7 or more to get to work tomorrow, and that’s a bit of a bitch, even knowing I will be leaving so early I won’t be able to get a return ticket, and even then if it goes on alllll week, maybe I should by myself a week’s bus ticket? Gosh and with my late shifts too, I’ll be getting home very late indeed, but that extra time I do the cleaning I suppose will be a contribution towards the bus fare. Won’t cover it at all, but it’ll contribute.

bad blogger!

I have been here a dozen times before. I keep saying I need to blog more, but then life gets in the way. I put wordpress on my phone so I can type out posts when I’m not by a computer + I’ve never used it until now.
With new year just around the corner I have decided that I need to make more time for myself, have a better system at home that means all my time isn’t taken up with housework, and that I get to do the things I want to do not what I have to do.
It is difficult with family matters as well. My father in law is getting more and more ill as time goes on, and this often means late night phone calls to say an ambulance has been called to his home which is about an hour away from where we live, and often my husband having to take days off work to go + sort things out, which as you can imagine causes a few more problems itself.

They weren’t kidding about the first year of marriage being the hardest, though we’ve had all this to deal with before we got married.

I can’t even remember the last time I did some scrapbooking, and squeezing in the chance to blog has gone out the window, but I’m hoping all that will change. I have a few subjects already written down to do, I have a week off come xmas break, so bring it on. I hope to be a much better blogger now 😉

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Second Life

Have been catching up on Second Life and getting to play around with some cute outfits for Verity 🙂 I’ve also been experimenting with in world photography too.




Any clothes or accessories you want to know about, leave me a comment and I’ll direct you to the right place!

on the lilo

I found a lilo over at Siggy’s Waterworks – I must admit I love swimming at Quan Li, a few newbies go there and you can only swim if you have the HUD, and I do like to giggle when they try to swim and then proceed to ask me how you do it, but at Siggy’s where you can pick up the HUD, everyone knows that so sometimes it’s nice to swim around there.

Sunset at Quan Li

But sometimes it’s just so nice to watch the sunset at Quan Li!

New Halloween Theme

For what us Brits lack in Halloween celebrating, I’m making up for in my new blog theme, and even more cooler is the fact that I’ve played with the widgets and as my themes are widget friendly, I’m having a blast lol! I am currently perusing the widgets now 🙂 

Even better, I’m going to branch out and do some Blogger themes including my all time favourite types: Photoblog themes. So that’s something to look forward to playing with tomorrow.

Anywho, the kitchen isn’t going to clean itself, nor is the lounge with all house info everywhere and I need to change the bed sheets as well once the washing that is in the machine is done. So glamourous! But the themes are giving me a welcome distraction 🙂

Taz the hoodie

I’m on Networked blogs on Facebook should anyone want to follow me 🙂  and my photography one is there too:  and I need people to confirm that I’m the author so please do that too after my failed attempts to confirm it myself.

My current book

My book was seriously funny. And I thought things went terribly wrong on my camping holiday the other week, nothing campared to this, and Emma and her family are nothing but persistent! LOL, I loved this. And the ending seemed very fitting too 😉


My “beach in a box” is seriously awesome. I had it on my desk at work and my boss destroyed my sandcastle – to be honest I think he just wanted to play with it and see what it was about, so squishing my sandcastle seemed the best way!

Sea Monkeys

Our sea monkeys are doing ok. Easiest pets ever.

Taz in his blue rain coat

Taz the hoodie

and isn’t Taz the cutest hoodie you’ve ever seen lol! My parents took him camping last weekend but it was a bit wet so they bought him a rain coat complete with hood.

I will have to find something to blog about that’s better than this.


Random post. Another one, I know. Sorry 😦

Weather is supposedly raining on Tuesday, I hope not – please say that have it wrong. That’s gramp’s funeral day.

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
Broken Strings – James Morrison and Nelly Furtado
Circus – Britney Spears
Beggin’ – Madcon
One Step at a time – Jordin Sparks
Bruises – Chairlift (from the nano advert)
Let Your love flow – The Bellamy Brothers (from the Barclays advert – it rules, I’d love to get home that way!)

Other random things, I’ve watched TONS of Brian Conley adverts. Scary thing is, when some of the poems from the Larry The Loafer section (awww :heart: Larry!) I STILL remember by heart 🙂

My classmate Trev sat next to me
my god he didn’t half honk
He had this really dreadful smell
which got right up my conk
His breath stank like raw onions
his feet like god knows what
His armpits ponged of mouldy cheese
whenever they got hot
But last week Trevor moved away
and went and joined class three
the trouble is, the smell’s still there
which means it must be me!

Little Bo Peep couldn’t find her sheep
when she woke up under a hedge
They were down at the shops, cut up as chops
next to the frozen veg!

Yeah, try and get me to learn “Monday’s child…” poem while at school and I couldn’t do it. Replay Brian Conley over and over til I wore out the tape, and 17 years later, I can still remember those poems from memory lol!
I’m off down nan’s tomorrow, My mum went down on Thursday and she said all the adults (ie, gramp’s biological children, and my nan’s kids – my aunt, uncle and dad) have to be there at 1pm… and no kids (yes, we’re still referred to as “kids” even though I’m 26 and my older cousins are in their 30s LOL) but mum mentioned me and I’m allowed to go.

I had a random idea of doing a sort of documentary of my family. I printed a ton of sheets off for my family but none of them have filled them in. This really upset me as there’s so much about my gramp I never got to find out about before he died and I swore that wouldn’t happen after I planned on interviewing my great nan and then she died.