Something to

How on earth is it the end of November already? While the last 10 days or so I have been feeling super festive, that might have had something to do with doing the first Disney Xmas party of the season on 9th November, I’m still feeling seriously unprepared.

My Xmas list keeps changing, I want to do a sort of “minimalist” one this year in the sense that I want to adopt the

“something you want, something you need, something to wear & something to read”

for this year. So not lots of stuff cluttering up, stuff that will be eaten/used up/useful, the something to read will be a book on my kindle to avoid adding to the already overflowing book case, but for the hubster his something to read will probably be a DVD, until as such time we get something like an Apple TV to store movies on 😉 lol.
So my beloved bath products are OK as they will be used up, and when hubby has bought me Dove sets in the past it has saved my buying any body washes for a while & saves on the old grocery bill, so that’s a winner too. My something to wear will be a pair of slippers that I could do with. Funnily enough my problem is thinking of my want & need.

I am mostly looking forward to the atmosphere & spending time with family & catching up on scrapbooking projects as I will have time at hometo do things other than my usual task of chores!



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