Well hello there. Yes I am still here, but to be fair I didn’t think there was much to blog about. I have come up with a few ideas for topics to get on my soapbox about the next time that happens. My car got fixed! I was so happy when it started back up thanks to wonderful uncle!
It's alive! Uncle mark for the win!!
I have been entertaining all my Facebook friends with old family photographs, and as a result myself and 2 of my cousins have changed our profile pictures to old school ones. Well, all the kiddies are back to school and little Lauren had her first day so it seemed fitting. To be honest talking about old photos is another post in itself and I think I may save that topic for next week if things are the same old, same old.
The weather is certainly changing. I have been happily curled up on the sofa at home, apple & spice candle going with our small lamp on as the night draws in early. And eating beef casserole (Will have to get some part baked rolls for the cupboard!)
Beef casserole. Perfect.
I have done a free website mockup class in photoshop which for me was a perfect excuse to have a play learning new techniques that I was doing the long way round so now I know a quicker way. Some of the tips will also help when I get around to doing a few other of my crafty bits (when time & inspiration allows it shall be a freebie kit and some more Hanson crafts). I’ve not scrapped in ages, but I want to focus a bit more on design right now. That’s where my head is at.
Funky Layout "wireframe" and playing with the new way to drop shadow quickly as opposed to the long assed way I have been!

I had some fab news at the hospital as well: I definitely have more proctitis and because it’s only affecting 10cm in a few months they reckon I should be off the meds all together and in remission! So fingers crossed 🙂

Craig & Holly


On Saturday we had a great day at my cousin’s wedding 🙂 It was good to see family, and then quite a few people who I hadn’t seen in years!


Leanne, my other cousin and sister of the groom, looked fab!


We had a disposable camera on the table and I shot a few, mum shot some and my uncle snapped a few pics too. He grabbed me up on the dancefloor, and I have another shot of me and my other uncle (father of the groom) which I still need to take off the camera lol.


The tables looked stunning too. I was teased over the cupcakes, I ended up having 1 and a half, they were soooooo good!


And I love this one of nan! “Cheese!”


Leanne also got a rare photo of us together. I went a little bit hipstamatic nuts that day, and then I continued well past the weekend and into this week. I will share some of those snaps for next week 😉  I seriously need a new iPhone than my 3GS, and a hipstamatic case *drools* That’s my goal at the moment, I was going to wait until november to get a new phone but for the sake of my iphoneography, I am undecided :

I also want to apologise as people have been leaving comments via facebook but my dashboard widget wasn’t showing any, it was only by chance I clicked on a link back to facebook which showed a list of them! So I shall keep an eye on them that way, but thank you everyone I didn’t realise!

Family BBQ

I had a fantastic weekend 🙂 Well, apart from spending 3 and a half hours waiting for Gareth’s car to get fixed LOL. We visited my nan where it was just my parents and my brother’s family, before we headed off to Cardiff to celebrate our anniversary, hanging out with my youngest Brother in Law.

Sunday was super fun! Besides the glorious weather we’d had for days Gareth and myself went to Matalan with the last of the gas/electric money that we had leftover once the central heating was switched off and the evenings got lighter 😉 and after we had some food from a burger place on Saturday 🙂 so I got a couple of new outfits which was MUCH needed! Then it was to my brother’s house for a BBQ 😀

Oliver splashing

Tickled by daddy

Elijah & Aunty Kirsty

It was nice to grab the SLR. I got some quality Oliver & Elijah time, and as we played with the little swimming froggy in Oliver’s sand & water pit it was suggested that while the weather was gorgeous we should head to my sister in law’s aunt’s house to swim in her pool if no one else was using it. Lucky us, we could go, and I sat on a float in the pool along with Oliver as we paddled around, and then I got to walk around the shallow area holding on to Elijah. Stewart suggested we could make it a weekly thing on a Sunday morning, so I can’t wait! Though I seriously learned my lesson as my beloved Hanson symbol ring and wedding ring got severely tarnished so I won’t be wearing them in the pool again. Thankfully my parents fix everything and I took my jewellery to them and my dad sorted it. Dad for the win!


I was lucky enough to get to see Hanson in Birmingham last night. I had an absolutely FANTASTIC time!

Firstly a big Thank You to Chrissy & her bf’s dad for the lift to Birmingham and home again. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have made it there in the first place. I also met a local girl called Kerry, which was great news as I didn’t know there were any fans nearby. She lives the next town over from me 🙂 So there was the 3 of us fans in the car having a gossip all the way up!

They both had Meet & Greets (Which I luckily enough had back in April 2007) so they continued on to the pub while I met up with my friend who had a M&G with me 4 years ago, so it was good to catch up with her and I’m so thankful I have such a cool Hanson friend who I shared that experience with and we’ve become friends because of it.

Maiyu was 25th in the queue and I was number 28 so we hung out and luckily, look who we bumped into…

Isaac & Kirsty

I look awful, and very cold lol, but I was so grateful to Isaac for stopping & taking this picture. It was Gareth’s camera and I hadn’t actually got to play with it, so I pointed out to Gareth that a Hanson had used his camera and he told me we had to wash it *roll eyes*  Although my M&G was one of the BEST days of my life, I often think back over it and cringe as I often act up when I’m nervous and I made a complete tit of myself. So I felt I at least redeemed myself last night by seeing Isaac again.

I had the best time dancing and singing next Maiyu! And luckily after some playing with Gareth’s camera, I got the hang of it 😉







My childhood friend Laurie got married on 1st July, and I was so honoured to be a part of the secret, as she got married in private. More of the story & more piccies are over at the Photo Blog 🙂

editedOriginal Out of Camera

One of the things I enjoy apart from taking the photos is making them all purty 😉 Editing is one thing that takes ages to do, but it’s just another process of taking photos and I love it when the photo looks far better than Straight Out Of Camera, though I have been known to skip that process altogether LOL. I had to edit some of the foundation and then I whitened teeth as part of a joke with the happy bride and groom.

I have been doing lots of little bits & pieces, I have reorganised my Flickr so I now have better Sets & Collections and I’m hoping to learn both InDesign & Illustrator. I haven’t designed any digital scrapbooking stuff in so long (I may in fact re-release some freebies etc that I have given out in the past if you my lovely readers are interested) and one of the things I would like to design would be a Hanson kit for my Hanson Page.

And best of all, after a good 2 months of nagging, I finally got the help to get the stuff up in the attic! Hurrah! However, it’s so frigging crammed up there now & we were hoping to get a car boot sale done sometime soon, so we need to have a good sort out up there and sell at least 3/4 of it!




Both me & my husband had the day off today, we did errands, shopping etc and went to see our nephew this afternoon 🙂

DSC_0344 copy

DSC_0347 copy


DSC_0364 copy

Now here’s to hoping the weather is going to be dry at least over the next week!

2010 Christmas Prep

2010 Ornament

Now, normally I make the Christmas ornaments but this year I decided on a special ornament instead. The requirement was that it HAD to have the year on it. So whilst on our honeymoon in Disney, we picked up this cute ornament!

I have been a busy bee making Christmas presents, so photos to follow on that, but the whole point of this post is something I read, firstly on Craftster, yesterday. Then again today on the Silhouette blog lol.

Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read

How cute is that idea? Sometimes people can get a bit carried away (I must admit, I’m generally one of those people!) and the idea of 4 presents under those categories is something I’d like to try… Of course I’m sure my wonderful husband might have something to say on that matter! He’s just like a big kid!  There’s also something about HANDMADE gifts that I adore as well. Knowing that someone took the time & effort to make it, just fills me with warm fuzzies 🙂 Something as simple as a bottle of bubble bath, or some handmade chocolates. Sadly not everyone GETS that. My family do, they don’t even expect a present & sometimes that whole appreciation & the concept are completely lost on some people. For my parents I made them a simple ornament, (well it was a clear premade ornament) and I had a photo of Oliver (My nephew) & on the other side with the help of some digital scrabooking kits, I had “OLIVER’S FIRST CHRISTMAS 2009” on the back. They adored it, and it has pride of place on their tree this year too.

I’m not religious in the slightest, and some might argue “Why do you celebrate Christmas then?” For me, it’s about being with family. Spending time together doing things like playing board games and such that you wouldn’t normally do, and fully appreciating each other. That’s what it’s about.

Hanson Streaming

Saturday night… What a HOOT! I got into my clean jammies, into bed with my clean sheets just before 10pm, chatting with my Hanson friends ready for a Live streaming on the Hanson website. We were all so excited (Hanson became a trending topic world wide on Twitter!)  I was thankful Gareth had the new Expansion on World of Warcraft to play on, as though it was supposed to start at 10pm we were on Hanson time after all! Just before 11pm GMT the guys came on and me and all my friends were messaging each other and in complete hysterics. They played songs from Snowed In, they baked cookies, opened presents… and just generally had a laugh. I’m not getting a Christmas party this year, so for me that more than made up for it, and best of all I got to spend it in my PJs nice and cosy at home, with some of the best people you could be with, and with my favourite band in the world, singing along with them & having such a laugh my stomach hurt the next day 🙂 you just can’t beat it! It all finished about 1am which was just LUSH. Though I was thoroughly tired Sunday, but oh so worth it 😉


It seems just a distant memory and I really need to sit down and write about everything, but in the meantime as our CD came in the post yesterday, here are a few pictures:

Tinkerbell said hello

Mickey’s Halloween party

I got to meet Mater 🙂

Isn’t it funny?

I made this for @pennydog and there’s just something about doing a random act of kindness for someone 🙂  

Penny book

(Sorry about the blackberry pic!)

To know how much it was appreciated fills me with a lovely warm fuzzie feeling 🙂 Which seeing as I’m reading two self help books to make myself less stressful and to feel happier 🙂  And any excuse to play with my Robo 😉

Family Love

We have my cousin’s daughter’s Christening coming up soon so I made this from the Silhouette Store. They have such lovely stuff there!

Erin's Christening card

I also had fun chatting with Lauren today. She came and sat on Nan’s lap and I snapped this picture:

Lauren & Nan

It was overcast today and I had my kit lens on my camera like a numpty. I really should check it before I leave the house. I was hoping to catch Erin today, but she didn’t go to nan’s today. Still, I get lots of photos very soon 🙂  And of course, the best Nephew in the world, Oliver! With cute haircut from mummy and daddy.


She’s so cute!