So long January

My little monkey hardly ever sits still and he has the cheesiest grin! But don’t let it fool you. Within the blink of an eye, he can go from angelic looking to full on meltdown. They fail to mention that the “terrible twos” start from about 14/15 months old! I spend my days running after him, he most certainly keeps me on my toes! As for his sleep, well that is still very much an issue. He refuses to go down, he has split my lip on multiple occasions where the just thrashes about, and when he does go to sleep, he is back up just hours later. It simply seems that he is a bad sleeper, end of. Nothing I could do would change it, so I just have to go with the flow and if it means he ends up in bed with me by about 3am, then that’s what I have to do.

He even got his first shoes. We tried a couple of pairs on him, and the first pair he struggled to walk in as they seemed pretty heavy for his feet so we chose the airplane ones instead. We need to get him remeasured again now as it has been over a month.

On top of looking after Dylan, I have been cooking for the both of us too (seems daddy wasn’t too eager to try the butternut squash soup! My mum is going to try it so is coming over after work to get the last serving and I have 2 pots in the freezer for later) I had never had butternut squash before, but I cooked it anyway. Dylan is funny with his food lately… Unless he can grab it and feed it to himself, he doesn’t want to know, but I managed to get him to have a few spoonfuls and he happily dipped bread in it too and gobbled it up.

And I made some wholemeal cheese straws. All the recipes came from the Ella’s Kitchen Cookbook (both of these were from the RED book, though we have the yellow baking book too. I didn’t get on with Annabel Karmel book, and Dylan adored the Ella’s Kitchen pouches so it seemed a winner!) These are some pretty good straws, and I’m guessing because they are wholemeal, it must be better for us… right? 😉

I have been relying on my planners lots and things are improving anxiety wise 🙂 I have my book checked out of the library for the course which starts on my birthday. I have a lovely gold planner coming from China (£9!) and as my journal went walkies somewhere… Everything seems to be going missing, it’s so cramped in here that some things we are just figuring will be found when we finally move. Any who, as my journal went walkies and I cannot for the life of me find it anywhere, I also bought a “fauxbonichi” and a zippered case to keep it in 😀 That’s what my Christmas money went on. I will be doing a post when it arrives!

Chocolate Crunch

I completely came across this recipe by accident, but when I spotted it, I decided I HAD to make it! I remembered it from school and I absolutely adored this, and shared it with my school friends on Facebook before we started reminiscing about lunch times eating it and pink custard… Which as it turns out isn’t even custard.

To save a bunch of washing up, I simply mixed the whole thing in the silicone tray that I was going to bake it in. It was super quick, simple and tasted just as I remembered it. I was quite surprised I managed to make the batch last a week! I saw some other recipes that showed eggs, but this one only uses plain flour, butter, sugar and cocoa, so it is nice and cheap too! I can see this being a comfort treat in the winters around here, as it certainly is good when warmed up 🙂

View the recipe here

Craig & Holly


On Saturday we had a great day at my cousin’s wedding 🙂 It was good to see family, and then quite a few people who I hadn’t seen in years!


Leanne, my other cousin and sister of the groom, looked fab!


We had a disposable camera on the table and I shot a few, mum shot some and my uncle snapped a few pics too. He grabbed me up on the dancefloor, and I have another shot of me and my other uncle (father of the groom) which I still need to take off the camera lol.


The tables looked stunning too. I was teased over the cupcakes, I ended up having 1 and a half, they were soooooo good!


And I love this one of nan! “Cheese!”


Leanne also got a rare photo of us together. I went a little bit hipstamatic nuts that day, and then I continued well past the weekend and into this week. I will share some of those snaps for next week 😉  I seriously need a new iPhone than my 3GS, and a hipstamatic case *drools* That’s my goal at the moment, I was going to wait until november to get a new phone but for the sake of my iphoneography, I am undecided :

I also want to apologise as people have been leaving comments via facebook but my dashboard widget wasn’t showing any, it was only by chance I clicked on a link back to facebook which showed a list of them! So I shall keep an eye on them that way, but thank you everyone I didn’t realise!

What I’ve been up to lately…

So I’ve been up to all sorts these past few weeks…

Happy Birthday Paige!

My work colleague Paige turned 18, so we all turned it into a HUGE deal at work 🙂 I made her that monstrosity of a cake. I thought I’d channel my inner Duff Goldman (Of Charm City Cakes/Ace of cakes) and figured I would make her a lovely cake, complete with edible glitter. Didn’t quite turn out the way I had hoped from the wonderous image I had in my head. Turns out cake decorating is blooming hard, and I need plenty more practise!

Ugly Betty on my iPhone

Completely back into Ugly Betty, and I have found a Youtube channel with ALL seasons on, so I am slowly making my way through them, and adoring Betty tons! Just love her!


The UK had riots… including our hometown. It was a crazy time, but peace seems to be somewhat restored.

Mood ring

While sorting through some bits and bobs, I found my old Mood ring. I had one that turned out to be a fake and never changed colours at all. Upset me hugely! Luckily my super dad bought me this one when I was younger, and now it just about fits on my ring finger (used to fit on my index finger back in the day!) I rarely wear it due to the whole “keep away from water” thing. As you can probably see my ring has a slight “flaw” which it was like that when I got it, but I love it anyway. I’m guessing that’s what the water does to it? I wouldn’t actually know, and I don’t particularly want to try neither! Anywho, I have been wearing this for a few days now and I’ve fallen in love with it all over again. I have bought myself a cheap one off ebay though, one that I’m not so scared of wearing and ruining (I mean, my dad bought me this ring, it was a lot of money back when he got it, and it means a heck of a lot to me, so much so that I’ve kept it safe in a box for years ) so I am excited about getting that one 🙂

car booting

I have even done 2 car boot sales. For those who are not familiar just what a car boot sale is exactly, people turn up to a big field as organised by a group (today’s was at a school, the previous one was at a race course), you park up put out some tables, put your stuff on it after paying an entrance fee, people turn up to buy your stuff. We spent hours sat in the boot of my dad’s car LOL, and today mum nearly fell asleep in it. It wasn’t remotely as brutal as the one we did 2 weeks ago at the Racecourse. Good Grief. We were there and set up, selling by 5.45AM. Yes, freaking AM! Yard sales isn’t something we do here in the UK, but I think if you lived on a main road, and had a decent front garden (both of which we lack, but would be good to do at my parents house!) it’s something I think we should do!

Health kick

Fat free yogurt, raspberries & granola

I seriously eat way too much rubbish. I’ve been a member of Calorie Count for quite some time, but now I have an iPhone I can track things on the go which is helping me (I shall do a post with my apps in at a later date ) I love how it’s free & it tells me if I’m too low on vitamins or too high on fats etc. Yes, I’m back on my “I’m going to shift the extra poundage I put on since being with my husband” kick lol. I’m seriously hoping I stick to it this time & don’t have 1 bad day and claim the world has ended and give up. It was Calorie Count that has made me realise that I’m not getting the good things I need, and all the bad stuff I have too much of, and things need to change. Though hubby does make it difficult!
I can be a bit of a drama queen at times.
Though if you’re looking for inspiration, I’d go look at Cathy’s “move more, eat less” series on her blog.

I’m also on PINTEREST if you want to have a nose at some images that make me happy, and I have an inspiring “health & wellbeing” board 🙂 If you want to sign up too, leave me a comment and I shall send you an invite instead of having to wait months after putting a request in.

Baking Goddess

CupcakesHomemade millionaires shortbread

Gareth got me the “Baking Magic” book for xmas after I lusted after it once I had seen it on Nat’s blog  (here & here) 🙂 I have only done 2 recipes as yet (honestly, the millionaires shortbread is to DIE FOR. So yummy and so chuffed with myself as I made caramel!) and the cupcakes are the best I have ever baked. I always used a recipe that was passed to me, but I decided to use the one in the book instead and it was so much better.

I’d like to try the “niced gems” recipe, I loved iced gems when I was younger but I had to agree with the comments above the recipe in the book and decided I really should try them next 🙂