Coming to you live. From my sofa.

I apologise for being missing in action, but I got super busy before our trip to Disney World, then spent 2 weeks in Disney World where I got sick as a very bad cold was doing its rounds in the All Stars resort (well it was definitely in Music where we stayed and I’m sure it was in Movies and Sports too!) and Gareth got really sick too. We spent most evenings/nights snuggled up in bed watching American TV and a few days while walking around the parks we just were too exhausted to do much and ended up chilling out at Downtown Disney or back in the room to rest. I should have known we were doomed from the start when Hurricane Sandy turned up, not that Sandy actually caused any issues in Orlando though we did have to take a bit of a detour but at least we could get to Florida!

Then we cam home and I continued to be exhausted and ill, and ended up going back on my inhaler (despite not being asthmatic) as this chesty cough was really knocking me sideways and I was finding it hard to catch my breath and it seemed hard to breathe and for added measure I ended up with laryngitis too. On Monday at work I couldn’t get through to the doctors and a nurse at NHS Direct on Sunday suggested I see one. Luckily I was allowed to just turn up and wait to be seen only I could only be seen by a Triage Nurse who told me: plenty of rest, plenty of fluids, prop myself up in bed with lots of pillows to help with the coughing, and rest my voice. For a week. Uh-oh. So I am getting up in the morning and moving to the sofa as we have more TV channels in here and the arms on the sofa make it easier to be propped up, then going back to bed at night. Except yesterday when I had to get up because of the police being around but I have a feeling that story isn’t finished just yet so watch this space and I can elaborate if you haven’t already read my twitter.

So to top all that off, my beloved 3GS bit the dust. He was giving me minor issues while we were away, however upon our return he just refused to play at all if he wasn’t on wifi and even if he was he was being temperamental. I guess he knew he was going to be replaced soon, I just didn’t figure out it would be so soon!

New phone

I love my new phone, all Disney-fied (well I bought the case ready for it as I knew I would eventually be getting one) and bonus it came with D-Tech screen protector – get in! My phone has a FLASH, like a proper camera, though could have really done with that in Florida haha! Only had a quick go with Siri this evening and asked to google Ali Edwards because I just had to play, and even with laryngitis Siri understood me (the reason I hadn’t played sooner!). Impressed! When my voice is better I will have a proper play! Though I want Siri to be a woman and not a bloke.

So for now I go back to Pinterest and carry on listening to my Christmas playlist (I caved & bought Digital Pants vol 1 because it had My Favourite Christmas Sweater, Zombie & Hear Those Jingle Bells on it!) and I heard good things about this year’s xmas song… and I LOVE Hear Those Jingle Bells 🙂 So I have last year’s great xmas song, and this years and Snowed In album to listen to. Looking at the positives 😉

Oh and in all that time I only gained 2 pounds. Not bad going at all ^_^

It’s Complicated

True to my word, as I joked with 2 of the girls in the office this week, the word of the week most certainly was “complicated”. I have excitedly found out my “travel slippers” which was a cute gift from my nan for my honeymoon and have been wearing them, along with my Mickey Mouse earrings. It’s coming around so fast.

2012-10-01 12.49.092012-09-23 17.16.02

Time goes so fast. I remember back in April last year thinking that October 2012 seemed so far away, yet here it is. I left college over 10 years ago, I mean it didn’t seem that long ago, and even one image that has cropped up on Pinterest that reminds me of this:

Source: via Kirsty on Pinterest

I have spoke to a couple of my college friends this week which cheered me up (especially when one conversation involved how awesome Max is from Tangled LOL, I am partial to Pascal too he’s adorable!) The other week I had a message from one of my old friends, we hung out a lot back in the day, but there was a misunderstanding that ended in us not speaking for at least 8 years I believe. I had messages before but I simply deleted them as I just wasn’t interested in hearing what they had to say. Probably such a silly thing to do and I realised this, so I finally replied :) It’s been a nice catch up over this week, apologies were exchanged, and we have moved on. I feel like a weight has been lifted and it’s nice to know I have my friend back for random gossip sessions & pick me ups. Remembering all the other people we hung out with too & being told how they are doing. It’s been quite a week for sure.

Now it’s Friday night, I have to get some sleep before I have to get up early and have my eye appointment. Last one I hope! Contact lenses are a pain in my rear, and I am still rather fond of my glasses thank you, but I hate not being able to see in situations where I can’t wear my glasses. So when I get a month’s supply that should last me a good 30 weeks I should think! Night night.

Short and Sweet

I am feeling beyond lousy right now. A cold has managed to sneak up on me this afternoon & I’ve been struggling ever since, so I shall be very brief:

Forgot how tricky these buggers were!

I had my contact lens appointment. I haven’t worn any in 8 years. I remembered why. Alas I need them, so I just need to make it work for a couple of months and then I shall go back to being perfectly happy with my glasses. I love my glasses. I’m rather attached to them. Sadly to get around a water park I need those contact lenses! And I look silly without my glasses.


I actually got around to Smashing last night. I’ve not touched any scrapbooking stash since I last did some smashing back in April? or June? Either or. I worked on my Disney Smash Book which I’m particularly fond of right now 🙂 It’s hard to believe that we’ve waited for so long and now our time is almost here! My American sim has arrived (I’ve decided on Red Pocket) & my halloween costume has been tried on & I looooove it! I will be a brunette Alice lol. I was lucky enough to find an official Disney one on eBay pretty cheap, and I’m already excited to get to wear it properly at the party. I have already warned my work colleagues between now & our departure date shall be pretty much unbearable 😉

Right, bed calls. I need some rest, and hope that I can sleep it off.

On to the Disney Prep!

It was nice to get back in to swimming on Sunday 🙂 I swam around with Elijah as he sat in his little rubber ring. I love this time we have on a Sunday in the pool and am tempted to get a waterproof case for the old cybershot because if it leaks, well the old gal had a good run & we have Gareth’s camera now anyway 😉 I think that shall be another thing to add to my wunderlist. Then I can have some pretty shots and video for Oliver and Elijah to look over when they get older, and think that I’m the cool aunt for documenting such things 😀 And the case would come in handy for the trip (I shall be taking!) to the water parks. If only I can persuade Gareth on the day to go on crush’n’gusher with me!

On the positive side I shall be doing some more Disney planning with Gareth this weekend as we shall be home pretty much all the time. We will be doing the odd little bits like our ESTAs and APIs, looking at our itinery which still needs more work. Gareth is super upset that one of the tasters at the food and wine festival (the rib dish at France) is not on the menu! I have to admit I am quite sad too because it was gorgeous! It was a rib dish encased in mashed potato with red wine gravy. We had already said one day at Epcot we would have lunch in World Showcase and eat 2 or 3 of those dishes each! LOL
Fruit loops ^_^Good morning, breakfast :)

We shall be bringing home american food for sure! We already plan on bringing an extra suitcase home 😉 Gareth treated me to some froot loops for breakfast on Sunday and they were goooooood

Little bit of silver paint

So a lot of my hoodies are either (1) falling apart or (2) too small. I love my Hanson hoodies with a passion though my Walk one is a little too small for me right now *sniff* (well it IS an extra small after all!), so I decided instead of the top that I wanted to decorate, I was going to do something a little different. So a trip to Matalan and a black hoodie later, I got home to cut the Hanson symbol inside a hidden Mickey (my two loves: Disney and Hanson!) and I just hoped that it would work! I ironed the freezer paper on, painted on the metallic silver paint, let it dry learning a lot as I peeled the paper away once it had done… and it’s not perfect but I am super happy at my new hoodie! The DIY will be up at Hanson Crafts this weekend I hope 🙂 it’s so nice and soft to wear, I can quite happily snuggle down in it! It’s a nice little comfort while at work.


Kelly Purkey’s post was something that was quite refreshing to read. I appreciate those kind of posts, especially when I see her photos and swoon over them and think how lucky she is.

And whose life doesn’t look lush and gorgeous when you add a little Valencia filter on Instagram

I’m slowly settling now, things being all over the place isn’t really freaking me out now. In fact, I managed to fit in a Zumba session (a 45 minute one on medium intensity… what was I thinking!?) I weighed in on Monday. A pound gained in two weeks, could have been worse but I still have 10 lb to lose.

But I felt good for it. Such relief for things to start feeling “normal” 🙂 And look at our green beans and our tomatoes!

Trying to come out of hibernation though 🙂 but on Tuesday the weather girl said “Don’t be fooled, it is spring not winter!” come on spring I know you’re here hiding somewhere. But in the meantime, snuggling on the sofa for big bang theory and then how I met your mother… Thursdays are my new favourite!

2 announcements!

Exciting news! I’m so happy, I am a creative team member for Ocean Wide Designs! Most of you may know this is something I really wanted to do, so i’m excited to be a part of the team 🙂 So I look forward to sharing all the stuff I make with you all too!


Secondly, it’s official! Me & Gareth are heading back to Florida next year. We’ve had to make some big budget cuts, but with that, the car boots & the stuff we shall be selling on eBay along with the cleaning I do at work twice a week still (seemed silly to give that up, I really quite enjoy it!) we have worked out we can do it! So our once in a lifetime holiday & honeymoon has turned into a “we have the Disney bug and we HAVE to go back just once more!” holiday 😉

It’s been a Disney sort of weekend

Apart from the absolutely necessary housework (washing up, preparing meals, making sure we have clean clothes…) I have been lounging around with Gareth yesterday & today watching Phil, Emma & Ben’s video trip reports.

Yes, we’ve seen them maybe twice already, but they are really fab 🙂

Check out there youtube channel with their playlists:

I love watching over videos, and reading our book of our trip (Blurb books RULE!)

Front cover


Which makes me think I really should post our trip report on a page here so not just dibbers can read it lol 🙂

Hope everyone had a nice bank holiday weekend!



Disney bug

Ah beloved blog, you have been (unsurprisingly) neglected. Again. My time of late has been taken up with dibbing, YouTube videos of Disney and writing our trip report all these months later. I suppose it all started when I decided to finally do the video of our honeymoon which triggered off a Disney obsession with me & Gareth once again, but it has been nice to escape, and have just put a few things on the back burner so that I can sit and chill. We had to make some important life decisions a couple of weeks ago when the fanatical-ness started, (as if we were to go back there we can hardly start a family anytime soon!). We had spent the last 6 months in a slump as we came home from Florida as we had such an amazing time, it was sad to come back home, and even more upsetting when we worked out how much a month we’d need to save a month to go back and we just couldn’t do it.

It’s been pretty tough around here of late, more letters with regards to his dad, never ending clutter that now matter how much I tidy up it becomes awfully messy again, and the trip to Ikea we so desperately needed, the main computer playing up so badly even with all the money I paid out to get it fixed I swore blind I was not spending another penny on it (simply because we literally can’t anyway!) My whole weight loss journey (with just 5lb left to go) has had to take a back seat. Our camcorder needs to be sent back in for repair once again. My allergies have been keeping me awake at night: yesterday morning I was awake at 2.50am. Gareth’s car needs the exhaust checking. It’s never ending.

Today I need to be super crafty: I have about 8 card to make, though today I have to make at least 3 of them and do the others through the week.  I started cleaning the kitchen and need to finish that today, as I was so tired I had to nap yesterday so tidying  had to be postponed, and I need to desperately clear a path in the bedroom, it’s like a dangerous obstacle course in there.

Life truly likes to test us to breaking point.

2010 Christmas Prep

2010 Ornament

Now, normally I make the Christmas ornaments but this year I decided on a special ornament instead. The requirement was that it HAD to have the year on it. So whilst on our honeymoon in Disney, we picked up this cute ornament!

I have been a busy bee making Christmas presents, so photos to follow on that, but the whole point of this post is something I read, firstly on Craftster, yesterday. Then again today on the Silhouette blog lol.

Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read

How cute is that idea? Sometimes people can get a bit carried away (I must admit, I’m generally one of those people!) and the idea of 4 presents under those categories is something I’d like to try… Of course I’m sure my wonderful husband might have something to say on that matter! He’s just like a big kid!  There’s also something about HANDMADE gifts that I adore as well. Knowing that someone took the time & effort to make it, just fills me with warm fuzzies 🙂 Something as simple as a bottle of bubble bath, or some handmade chocolates. Sadly not everyone GETS that. My family do, they don’t even expect a present & sometimes that whole appreciation & the concept are completely lost on some people. For my parents I made them a simple ornament, (well it was a clear premade ornament) and I had a photo of Oliver (My nephew) & on the other side with the help of some digital scrabooking kits, I had “OLIVER’S FIRST CHRISTMAS 2009” on the back. They adored it, and it has pride of place on their tree this year too.

I’m not religious in the slightest, and some might argue “Why do you celebrate Christmas then?” For me, it’s about being with family. Spending time together doing things like playing board games and such that you wouldn’t normally do, and fully appreciating each other. That’s what it’s about.

Hanson Streaming

Saturday night… What a HOOT! I got into my clean jammies, into bed with my clean sheets just before 10pm, chatting with my Hanson friends ready for a Live streaming on the Hanson website. We were all so excited (Hanson became a trending topic world wide on Twitter!)  I was thankful Gareth had the new Expansion on World of Warcraft to play on, as though it was supposed to start at 10pm we were on Hanson time after all! Just before 11pm GMT the guys came on and me and all my friends were messaging each other and in complete hysterics. They played songs from Snowed In, they baked cookies, opened presents… and just generally had a laugh. I’m not getting a Christmas party this year, so for me that more than made up for it, and best of all I got to spend it in my PJs nice and cosy at home, with some of the best people you could be with, and with my favourite band in the world, singing along with them & having such a laugh my stomach hurt the next day 🙂 you just can’t beat it! It all finished about 1am which was just LUSH. Though I was thoroughly tired Sunday, but oh so worth it 😉


It seems just a distant memory and I really need to sit down and write about everything, but in the meantime as our CD came in the post yesterday, here are a few pictures:

Tinkerbell said hello

Mickey’s Halloween party

I got to meet Mater 🙂