Bad car crash

I was driving home at lunch time today and I was behind a trail of cars. Everything else that happened after is sort of a blur. I remember seeing something in the corner of my eye and that all the cars in front of me were slowing right down, and then I saw some smoke coming from the green area from something that was on the side.

It was then that I realised it was a car, I remembered all the carnage around too. The car was a mangled mess, a bloke was on his hands and knees with a bunch of other people trying to get someone out of the car. Several trees were a mess and a pole (telephone I think) was broken and the lines were dangling right over the road.

I ended up 10 minutes late back to work, and explained why I was late. At one point I was telling people to turn around one of the roads as the police had closed this little road off on to the road where the accident had happened and people were still trying to get down it, and I was stuck down there with some other people and we couldn’t go anywhere until the other people had reversed back up it. While I was home, I rang my mum quick and told her what had happened and to avoid the road on the way home.
She text me at 3.30 ish to say the man in the car had died, and someone else had been arrested for dangerous driving. From where I was back in the line of cars I didn’t see any other car involved.

The story is here:

It says they are appealing for witnesses, but I didn’t actually see anything, only what I think was the car flipping in the corner of my eye, and it smoking, and nothing else, so I can’t really help.

But it’s so sad, it really shook me up (I got back to work shaking like a leaf) a week before Christmas, and the guy was only 33 – he might have had kids.

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