Random conversation…

… Just a little gem from bed last night. We were discussing Christmas presents, and I was thinking about some PJ bottoms for G so asked him what he thought of “Black & White”. Sadly, yes I’m generally vague and jump into a conversation I’ve already been thinking about in my head, so no one knows what I’m on about.

“Black and White what?” He asked. “Y’see I’m not to keen on Black and White TV, but I don’t mind Zebras…”


2 thoughts on “Random conversation…

  1. lol That’s a great response. I do that all the time. Rachael can sometimes figure out what I’m talking about but usually people are like “wha?”

  2. lol, that’s so funny!
    I do that too, I start talking from where I was thinking. Kate can pick up on what I mean half the time, anyone else is lost.

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