5 days to Christmas!

I’m up (G is still in bed, but I will have to get him up soon if I am to shower and get ready by 11!) as it’s the Saturday before Christmas! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I will grab my camera and tripod ready to have fun at nan’s house. I had fun doing some photos last year 🙂

As for the crash, I was right when I said I didn’t see any other cars involved. Both the man who died and the dangerous driver were in the same car. I heard rumours they had stolen the car, had been drinking and were doing over 100mph, so then I didn’t feel so bad as I thought at the time it was an regular man going about his business that had been killed… Then I had the realisation that as they were being so careless, what if they would have hit any of us other cars going in the other direction, and it was a story about us on the front page? The whole thing has left me very down and not very Christmassy. I very rarely go home at lunch, I was going home to get my studio Calico kit which as it turns out had been left on the doorstep so it was a good thing.
The car had split into 2, and was unrecognisable from the one angle. Everything was as I had described it – right down to the white van that was in front of the car in front of me that had pulled over to go help, on the front page of the local paper. Only the car had been moved on to the road.

Anywho, less depressing stuff!
I just read the Sims 3 blog, and they already have a “hart” family. Aww, man. I will have to think of a new surname, unless I just play that family in lieu of making my own Legacy. Apart from the fact the parents are insane. Literally.

My mum’s present has arrived and it’s not half bad. Yay! We got Lips dirt cheap from Woolies. If anyone didn’t know already, the awesome shop that is Woolworths is closing down because of the credit crunch. The company has gone under which is so so sad. More info at wiki. It had been going 100 years next year 😦
But I sang some songs with G last night. We got a ton of gamer points, and I was sooooooooooooo pleased with myself as I unlocked all the medals and got a really high score (the highest actually – “Big Bang”) while singing Coldplay’s “Yellow”. I will play it later when he’s at his Christmas party 🙂

Coldplay, Yellow on Lips

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