Awww, 1984…

Me and mum camping {84}

and our lush tent:

Our tent 1984

And then there’s 1997:
Me and mum camping {97}

and our itty bitty tent:

Our tent

So what’s up with the nostalgia?  I want to go camping and have been taken over by camping fever lol! Poor Gareth got dragged around Attwools this afternoon (practically kicking and screaming) and we found a cute tent… but we’re awaiting the brouchers for a few of the camp sites we’ve (read: I’ve) been looking at before we start thinking about that.  It’s been so long since I’ve been camping, after that camping trip dad got a lush 6 berth tent (sadly, no photos from that trip!) but since gave it to my Uncle Mark so he could work on his car if it was raining.

But for me, the tent (Khyam Chatsworth) would be worth the investment if we would do it as a regular thing. Going abroad is expensive… Staying in a static caravan or a lodge etc is still expensive… Camping has to be the way to go… Ok, ok, so the British weather is absolute cack, but that’s why we were looking for a tent with a decent sized living space.

The coolest thing I saw in the shop though was a camping bunk bed! LOL! Seriously it looked so cool.

As for the fact there are lots of past entries means I finally figured out how to transfer it over (only I had far too much for my 2MB upload limit!)

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