Gareth and I had been trying to decide what to do together. Something that we could get a bit of exercise, and spend some quality time out and about – not on our butts at home playing on the computer!

So I heard about geocaching, looked into it, and we decided that’s what we’d do 🙂  Gareth got the app for his phone, and we went out this morning.

The first geocache we went to find is local, but the hilarious thing is, it wasn’t what I was expecting.  That’s why we ended up walking to another one instead, and by chance I found it and then realised that it was a tiny thing we were looking for and so went back to the first one as we pretty much went by it to go back home anyway.

How small?  This small – this is the log book that rolls up inside:
Unscrolling a cache 

Here’s the phone on which we were navigating:
Geocaching app for iPhone

We had walked quite a way, so we rested at home for a bit while I potted some plants in the hanging basket, and then I just had to go out again and search for a few more, with Gareth in tow… and this time we found 2 more slightly larger ones:

G with the Cache
Larger cache

And I left some moo stickers and a card in this one, and in the other just a moo card:
Leaving stuff in Cache

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