lunch break

Here’s something quite cool – posting a blog entry from work. Decided to give my Princess Diaries book a short break (It’s Princess Present) and I have just checked out my little character on Animal Crossing too – who was still wearing her Witch halloween costume lol. So cool to see all the snow on the game 🙂

Our official chance of snow on Christmas day is 0% lol. No snow for us, which is a bummer. I think my ideal Christmas scene is being at my parents house for Christmas dinner, then all sat around the fire (when we were little, my parents used to push the sofa to the centre of the room to be closer to the fire to stay nice and toasty!) and for there to be snow outside.

I also find it particularly amusing that the postman read a letter I attached to the door for the courier who is delivering my Twilight books, and followed my instructions lol! So G said I had a nice box from Florida awaiting my return from work! Woo-hoo!

I’m feeling much perkier, dispite the fact I’m possibly the only loser to be working until the official works Christmas break (roll on midday, Christmas Eve!) everyone else has managed to get their holidays used up… Where as I had to use my holidays for when I was sick, otherwise I’d have been in serious trouble on 5 weeks worth of statutory sick pay.
Still, with the lack of people in the building, this year I might just not get told off for playing some Christmas music (ah, note to self: Charge crappy old iPod) as I will be the only one sat in the room. In theory.

So I’d better start sorting myself out to start work again. I should easily get all this stuff done in time 🙂

One thought on “lunch break

  1. Sorry you have to work! I was supposed to work all day today, but ended up getting to leave after two hours since I’m sick.
    I read your last couple of entries, I’m so glad that driver didn’t hit you or someone in your lane! I love the Princess Diary books, but I haven’t read all of them, only the first four or five. I just read the first Twighlight book and can’t wait to read the rest, but we asked for them for Christmas, so I can’t go buy the rest in case someone already got them for me and Kate.
    Oh, our package got there? I didn’t think it would arrive in time! That’s great if it did. 🙂

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