I was lucky and was on my own on Xmas eve… I forgot the iPod, but I had my mobile phone and headphones and I sat and listened to Radio 1 while I did my work. It was awesome listening to the festive songs, and heard a reading of The Grinch.
Once it turned 12, I was out of there.

Christmas day we woke up. Opened some presents because we just couldn’t wait til we got to my parents house lol

Part of the Christmas haul :)

Then I had one big box left over, but of course I’m used to my dad’s wrapping and that presents are always hidden, so I opened the big box to find a box of match makers. Then proceeded to quickly dig further where I found a ring box… which was way to fast lol. Poor Gareth was unprepared for me to find it so fast lol. So he asked: Will you marry me?

The ring

From there it was to my nan and gramp’s house, as gramp had just got out of hospital Xmas Eve. Then to G’s parents for dinner and to his Aunt’s house for fun and merriment.

2 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. WHAT! that’s real nice 🙂
    i’m happy you found someone better than that fathead craig.

    by the way, has he left you alone? hope so!

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