Scrap Your Day (+ bento)

Just a quick post, the guy is still in bed – didn’t sleep very well last night after our trip to the cinema to watch the new Indiana Jones film. Was about 1am before I got to bed anyway, don’t know when he did lol.

Shimelle’s posted up another photo fact sheet for the upcoming “Scrap Your Day” (very much like the old Daily Grind!) Her latest blog post “On Film” has all the links you require. I hope I remember to participate lol.

Bento for 23/05/08
My Bento from yesterday. My chicken wrap was a disaster lol. But yummy all the same.

I’m off for some coco pops, I’m quite hungry but I want to wait til the guy gets up til we wander to Jane’s Pantry and get CAKES (my old Saturday tradition) so cereal will keep me going, we’re not going to my nan’s today, he’s not ready to meet the whole family quite yet lol. At the moment it’s lovely and sunny outside, but as usual the weather has been really nice since the Tuesday after the last bank holiday – then we get another bank holiday and the weather is going to be raining. Curse you British weather! I wanted to go to a damn beach!

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