Getting there slowly!

I am slowly making my way through the photos, but I’ve had other deadlines such as wedding party invitations that I needed to design, print and get ready for my brother which took priority.

The Guy is heading over tonight as well, and other such tasks to do (my poor housework has seriously suffered!) so I thank everyone for their patience… You must remember I was not paid to do the photos for Jax Dance, nor was I thanked or mentioned at the show. I took 2 Saturdays of my own freetime to do this favour, and the fact I have to go through 774 photos to pick out the best ones, crop them and proof them as well will take me a fair time! I have currently spent (not including the 5 hours from my time of the rehearsal day and 8 and a half hours spent on the day of the show) 6 hours going through the photos and I have done about 100 or so of them.

2 thoughts on “Getting there slowly!

  1. I don’t blame you, it’s hard for me to go through and edit photo’s I’ve taken for myself, much less ones I’ve done for someone else.
    That Wii fitness thing looks awesome! And have fun with The Guy. 🙂

  2. That’s a lot of work for free! You really should get paid something, even if it’s just to cover the gas it took you to get to the event. 🙂
    Have fun with the guy!

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