couple of jobs done…

I’ve managed to tidy up a little around here lol. The Guy stayed a couple of days, and I was so tired on the night he left but I stayed awake as long as I could so we could savour our time together as it’s rare as he lives so far away and he works odd shifts. I told him to text me when he got home but to ring a few times and hang up as I always sleep straight through any texts! So he texts and rings and I wake up as I went straight to bed once he left, and I grabbed my phone (this was just gone midnight) and began texting back. Next thing I know I’m waking up, it’s 5am and my phone is still in my left hand with half a text typed out on it! Whoops! It’s really hard to see him go 😦

I’m about just over half way through the photos. Stewart & Claire’s invites are all done, Little something-something put in the post and Lianne’s Jewels is up and running with a couple of things up in the shop, hurrah. It seems I’m catching up with things which means I can also finally so some more of Shimelle’s “there’s no place like home” class which I kinda done the first week of and haven’t yet caught up on. Poo.

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