New Year

The Christmas break was just awful. On the plus side it’s all over and though the New Year didn’t start quite as we’d hoped, I get to start over.

We had a package from our Floridian friends which Oliver helped us open. I was so excited to see the American cereals, we’ve had fun trying them all out!


To drown my sorrows I have been eating absolute rubbish. In just one day I ate an entire tub of chocolate ice cream, and my chocolate santa from my brother and sister in law… The hubby was lucky he took his away from me otherwise I’d have eaten his too! But I am going to eat much better from now on!


And I have the best family and friends. Katie sent me a Hanson package in which I have declared my new Hanson bracelet to be my lucky charm, and a friend at work gave me her Buddha to watch over me, as I won’t see her again as my last day is tomorrow, after 8 years in my job.



But it’s still early enough in the year that it’s not a complete write off, I can turn this around!

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