Layout devotee!

For those of you that know me, I only really buy craft magazine, except in the occasion I pick up a sainsburys magazine because I spot a recipe or article I fancy reading or a food mag for Gareth. I often pour over the sainsburys magazines for their layouts & I do enjoy reading them though I get them rarely.

Strangely enough about a year ago, during my “ugly betty” kick I spotted Marie Claire with Anne Hathaway (devil wears prada, which is very like ugly Betty!) on the cover in a bundle. I thought it was a nice sign so I bought it. I never buy those sort of women’s magazines, but I just had to have it.

I'm not one for magazines that aren't craft ones, but I shall be blogging about this later

Fast forward to now, and after last month when I took a workshop to do magazines I have been adoring magazine layouts immensely. More than usual as a scrapbooker. The workshop has given me a new eye on it. So I was pondering getting Marie Claire, but when I saw the cover with the articles, I wasn’t convinced I wanted to read it, even with the free gifts to entice me. Then I spotted Elle. With Emily Blunt (also devil wears prada) on the cover. I mean, hello!? That’s surely a sign right there. Read the article listing on the cover & it intregued me, before I spotted a smaller sized magazine in a bundle with Company & Cosmo. I flicked through a free digital copy of company before and I quite liked it so i’m looking forward to that, but never seen Cosmo before. Not sure it’s my sort of magazine but technically I got it free so I’ll happily look over the layouts 😉

This is probably making a lot of you who actually know me chuckle. I don’t “do” fashion, though I sometimes wish I did have some nice clothes, a lot of my clothes are hand me downs from my fab nan, and the cardigan I’m wearing right now is a big chunky knit one which I picked up on sale for £5. I do intend on losing some weight so I’m back to my slim figure and can wear anything I want, and maybe I can save up enough money to have a nice Project 333 wardrobe. (Another pound down this week! 4 lb down, 8 to go!)
I don’t wear makeup, but again I sometimes wish I did, though many people have commented that I’m super lucky that I don’t, and that I can in fact get away without ever wearing it. Instead, I decide which lipsmackers  lip balm I shall wear: Dr Pepper, Fanta Orange, Cherry Coke, cotton candy or another one of my many flavours! That’s about as far as I get. Well it certainly makes for a speedy morning!

Well, I guess I won’t be catching up on the second Hunger Games book that I started any time soon, and I’m thinking a nice soak in the bath with a magazine might be calling my name…

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