Itchy itchy, scratch scratch


I had the misfortune of having Shingles for the last almost two weeks, but thankfully they have started to go down so I will be able to hold my little nephew soon enough! To play it safe as I do not know which of my cousins children have had chicken pox or not (even though the shingles are on my back and are covered) I have simply avoided my nan’s house today and last Saturday as much as it pained me to do so. It actually enabled me & Gareth to have some quality time together out and about.

We have somehow managed to get a Phineas & Ferb drawstring bag to go around the parks from the Disney Store, along with a little Donald Duck outfit, as we have not yet bought anything for our new little nephew, and to make up for his homemade colouring book & Toy Story Magnets for Christmas we got Oliver a Gruffalo play set. Shortly I shall be making some bath bombs so I can have some nice relaxing scented baths this week & shall bag some up for my sister-in-law, because us girls need some pamper time! I just need to brainstorm something nice for my brother, he certainly deserves it 🙂 I think that it will be Pinterest to the rescue once again.

I hope you are all having a nice weekend! I have got myself the wonderful Wunderlist app for my phone & for the computer so I can keep a track of my personal to dos 🙂 Nothing like ticking things off! Though mine are current;y random ones from “finish digital kit” (I assure you all, it’s completed, it needs zipping, packing, terms of use writing out etc) to “plant tomatoes & beans & weed the garden”.

Well, those bath bomb aren’t going to make themselves, and it’s another thing to tick off the list. Until next time!

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