Ready to burst

Someone disgustingly backed the toilets up at work today – heck I was so desperate to pee I’d have used the Workshops loo (and that is saying something!) but the drains were all blocked so I couldn’t have and to be honest so gross I won’t say anymore than that. But not having toilet facilities made me freak out a little and made me want to go all the more… I was dancing around and I was told I could drive to the nearest public loo – in Sainsburys. Such a long drive when you’re desperate!! Took me 20 minutes to get there and back.

I’m off now anyway, it’s 8.25pm I’ve just been doing some research for a top secret project (about 5 people know about it so far) and I still have so so much to do, and tonight is the first night I have not been distracted by the super cool and friendly UK Etsians in their thread lol, but G is insisting that I go and have some food right now, I’ve not eaten yet – it’s taking up quite a lot of my time, but I suppose it’s something I will be getting used to. LJ people, I will let you know soon 🙂

Jolly good time

A big hello to all those people from the show last night 🙂 Please leave your messages on this post here: At the end of the entry you will see a link “Add comment”, so please leave your e-mail address and I will get back to you ASAP.

I have a whopping 776 images to go through so I hope everyone bears with me and it was also lucky that I stashed my spare battery in my pocket. I’ve never used up a battery so fast! Part way through the second half pressing the button wasn’t doing anything and I checked the display to see the battery picture flashing at me.

Anyway, getting ahead of myself lol, we left Gloucestershire at 2.40 and once we arrived in Broham the first thing we had to do was go to the pub! We wandered down there, and it was a gorgeous day so the gang sat in the gardens to eat.

I hung out backstage with the gang for a short while, and managed to get this shot of Claire… I like to think of as a happy accident. There is a red light on backstage and Claire just jokingly posed as I caught her lol:

Matt outside practising:

and the gang on stage, just for an idea of how the photos came out:
Adults dance

Pieces of home

Flower on my craft tableCandlesSilkscreened pillowsRed bottle
My bath jars :)
The Jinky “lighten and whisper” action I used kinda makes purple pink lol. My room is really Lilac, white and silver, honestly.

About ready to burst to share some news tomorrow 🙂 I’m just waiting until it’s in my hands until I tell!

Some funny things to share:
C @work: “Now we have faster computers, does it mean we have to work faster?”
J @work at 3pm ish: “Tell you what, work for another 2 hours and you can have 2 days off” but of course, it’s the weekend 😉
Downstairs neighbour: “I’ve been putting my green wheelie bin out…” Am I’m the tooth fairy. There’s about 6 months + worth of rain in that thing. I can’t even move it.

And the fabulous felt book idea I had, goodness, I feel like such an idiot. the felt sheets are 9″x12″ and I’ve been planning page layouts for 4.5″x6″ haha. it should be 9″x6″, I did it completely in half when it should be half of the longest side. What a donut. Still the 4.5″x6″ pages would be kinda cute and mini book like rather than just… well… book like.