Catch up

I remember when I used to post often lol. It seems all that’s going on at the moment is lots of wedding talk anyway, but the last 2 Saturdays both me and G have been down in Cardiff with his family.

I’ve also been completely, totally and utterly engrossed in Twilight. I’m trying to savour the last couple of chapters as I’m on the last book now anyway, then once G has finished the book I bought him for Christmas he will start on the books himself. I’ve been driving him absolutely nuts: it’s been Twilight everything! I got the soundtrack (amazing, you should check it out!), the movie companion book as well. I even dragged my mum to watch the movie and then spent the journey home discussing all the parts from the book that I thought should have been in the movie lol.

I made some bookmarks, should anyone want to make some themselves you can download them here:

Sadly my printer prints stripey, and I covered them in sticky back plastic so I couldn’t use the flash so the photos don’t do them enough justice:
Bookmark 2
Bookmark 1

lunch break

Here’s something quite cool – posting a blog entry from work. Decided to give my Princess Diaries book a short break (It’s Princess Present) and I have just checked out my little character on Animal Crossing too – who was still wearing her Witch halloween costume lol. So cool to see all the snow on the game 🙂

Our official chance of snow on Christmas day is 0% lol. No snow for us, which is a bummer. I think my ideal Christmas scene is being at my parents house for Christmas dinner, then all sat around the fire (when we were little, my parents used to push the sofa to the centre of the room to be closer to the fire to stay nice and toasty!) and for there to be snow outside.

I also find it particularly amusing that the postman read a letter I attached to the door for the courier who is delivering my Twilight books, and followed my instructions lol! So G said I had a nice box from Florida awaiting my return from work! Woo-hoo!

I’m feeling much perkier, dispite the fact I’m possibly the only loser to be working until the official works Christmas break (roll on midday, Christmas Eve!) everyone else has managed to get their holidays used up… Where as I had to use my holidays for when I was sick, otherwise I’d have been in serious trouble on 5 weeks worth of statutory sick pay.
Still, with the lack of people in the building, this year I might just not get told off for playing some Christmas music (ah, note to self: Charge crappy old iPod) as I will be the only one sat in the room. In theory.

So I’d better start sorting myself out to start work again. I should easily get all this stuff done in time 🙂

Winter in SL



Snow Angel

Aww, got some cute winter stuff. I love my colour changing ear muffs 🙂 It’s funny that I’m having a really hard job finding some cute winter outfits. The coat was a good deal from “Wrong” a couple of months back.

Bad car crash

I was driving home at lunch time today and I was behind a trail of cars. Everything else that happened after is sort of a blur. I remember seeing something in the corner of my eye and that all the cars in front of me were slowing right down, and then I saw some smoke coming from the green area from something that was on the side.

It was then that I realised it was a car, I remembered all the carnage around too. The car was a mangled mess, a bloke was on his hands and knees with a bunch of other people trying to get someone out of the car. Several trees were a mess and a pole (telephone I think) was broken and the lines were dangling right over the road.

I ended up 10 minutes late back to work, and explained why I was late. At one point I was telling people to turn around one of the roads as the police had closed this little road off on to the road where the accident had happened and people were still trying to get down it, and I was stuck down there with some other people and we couldn’t go anywhere until the other people had reversed back up it. While I was home, I rang my mum quick and told her what had happened and to avoid the road on the way home.
She text me at 3.30 ish to say the man in the car had died, and someone else had been arrested for dangerous driving. From where I was back in the line of cars I didn’t see any other car involved.

The story is here:

It says they are appealing for witnesses, but I didn’t actually see anything, only what I think was the car flipping in the corner of my eye, and it smoking, and nothing else, so I can’t really help.

But it’s so sad, it really shook me up (I got back to work shaking like a leaf) a week before Christmas, and the guy was only 33 – he might have had kids.

Random conversation…

… Just a little gem from bed last night. We were discussing Christmas presents, and I was thinking about some PJ bottoms for G so asked him what he thought of “Black & White”. Sadly, yes I’m generally vague and jump into a conversation I’ve already been thinking about in my head, so no one knows what I’m on about.

“Black and White what?” He asked. “Y’see I’m not to keen on Black and White TV, but I don’t mind Zebras…”


Richard Hammond week

I guess which started last week when he was on Radio One and I pretty much sat and listened to it on my phone at work with my headphones on lol. Richard mentioned book signings! I am soooo there! I want to meet Richard loads lol.

Then there’s the awesome Top Gear that’s back on the TV on a Sunday (and on Dave [a tv channel] every day! Yesssssssss) and there’s the new Morrisons advert:

Now I just need Richard-ify my phone….

A few things to brighten my week

(1) I got a letter from Little Princess Trust to say thank you for my hair donation 🙂 It’s a lovely letter too!
(2) New video up at — I can’t wait for the game, but poo, they’ve pushed the UK release date back from February to April. Still, it’ll be soooooo awesome and it’s so exciting to see what’s coming! Check it out.
(3) Pop Tarts… 2 boxes. *slurp* I’ve finished off the Baileys flavoured Hagen Daas tonight though lol. And I have Pretzels. My favourite snack food!
(4) Studio Calico kit shipped on Monday – yaaaaaaay! My free American Crafts bonus kit thingy isn’t coming until December though, but the way I see it – extra Xmas present!
(5) Xmas ideas. I’ve been sat going through my special mags for gift ideas for my budget Xmas 🙂 Fabbo ideas and best of all there’s lots of cool ideas online at places like and have online bonuses from the mags (paper crafts if you wanna look)

Back to work

As you can tell from lack of pretty scrapbooking pictures and entries full stop that I went back to work on Monday. It was sooooo HARD. I am shattered now, thankful it’s the end of the week I can tell you! Even with Lucozade I’ve been near enough asleep come the afternoon.

I do have some pretty pages that I did while I was off still to share but not right now. I’ve got my class assignments to do, another load of washing and I’ve got a cute idea for 6 identical scrapbook pages to do (one for each of the cousin’s kids albums and my own. That and I have some very specific photos to print for Morgan’s album too when and if I can find them!)

Marley and me – the movie! YESSSSSSS!

Awwwwwwwwwww, I just want to snuggle Marley while he’s spread out on the floor like that eating the dog food lol! I read the book and it’s FANTASTIC, so I really cannot wait for the movie – especially as my mum saw me peeing myself laughing during the book and when I cried at the end of it, so now she can watch the film 🙂

Have to wait until March though here in the UK, but it’s released at Xmas in the US, so after I read the book, I seriously recommend going to see the film if you can.