I know it’s been said!

but I soooooooooooooooooo love this LENS!

Lauren after arriving at nan’s:

Lauren and her daddy – my cousin Craig.
Lauren & daddy
Laughing her head off after we tried tons trying to get her to smile – my Aunty Jayne (Lauren’s nan) sang “Row, row, row the boat”
Lauren laughingLaurenLauren
Love this expression, only this was right before she cried her eyes out. I suppose enough was enough of the camera by then lol!

As Lauren was at nan’s house today, I took full advantage and snapped about 56 photos of her lol. Kenzie had the camera-shoved-in-the-face treatment last week lol. She’s so adorable, and you can certainly see although she’s a Barnett, she has so much Base in her – like that head of red hair! Yes, it’s our family trait. I sometimes wonder if the kiddies are just going to remember me as that crazy lady with the camera, and forget what I actually look like as the camera is always in the way…?

It’s here!

My baby arrived!

My new lens!!

Nicely packaged in a little box. It’s so cute lol! And such FANTASTIC photos! I’ll put most of them under a cut 😉

SPS: Self Portrait Saturday shot:
Self Portrait 05th Apr 08

And on to my Saturday:
Kenzie and Tim
Kenz colouring
Crossword - concentrating
Mmmm Quavers!
(more under the cut. Click For larger)
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