Scrap your Day

Music Mojo

Bopping along to Alphabeat “Fascination” as I type! I’m also in flow of “Scrap Your Day” so I’ve literally just taken a bunch of self portraits so I can pick one I like lol. So wonderful shots of me sat in the archive room at work on the desk because there are no chairs in here at all. So I jump up on the desk and set myself up here lol, eat my lunch & goof off.

Looking forward to tonight – We’re off out with Stewart & Claire to watch Batman 🙂

Pages :)

Just a couple of pages to start filling that album. I plan on uploading them all to photobox and having them printed at 8×8 🙂 You get discount for the more you print, so that will be handy!

Longleat page

Coffee Lover

Think I may add a little journalling to the Coffee Lover page. I loooooooooove how the title came out. Wasn’t until I was sat at my computer that I realised it was scrap your day. Doh!