Day In The Life

I had some issues with my web host and I backed up a lot of my sites, just in case. Some of them I have put up at Google Sites, one of them being my “Photolog” that has my Daily Grinds/Day In The Life posts. I participated in Ali Edward’s one yesterday (though didn’t follow the same guidelines as hers but rather stuck to my regular type) If you want to check it out go here:

Flickr also have updated their service which means I have backed up my entire photo library from there and have put it into Google Photos, I had already started using it and was backing up a lot of my photos and videos there, so I ended up getting a push to back everything else up from Flickr there too. It does mean that I now have some broken photos here at my blog as there seems to be no easy way of deleting albums including the pictures and some have been deleted by mistake while I started trying to get my 8,000+ photos down to below their 1,000 photo limit. I will get around to sorting something out at some point.

I have excitedly almost finished my December Daily 2017, and I have set up on my Google Drive for potentially doing one this year – I’m still debating it, but I think as long as I collect stories like I did last year an album will come together nice and easy. We shall see ๐Ÿ™‚ But maybe I could get a YouTube video made on my set up!

Pretty cards

Ah, so excited because my persnickety prints order arrived! I had some of my 3×4 and 6×4 digital cards printed up, from various designers like brittish designs/sahlin studios, digital design essentials and one little bird designs ๐Ÿ™‚
I have seriously got to get some 6×4 photos printed. I need some photos to put in my albums! I have gone a little bit nuts with the cards, I have a bunch of simple stories cards in addition to the ones I had printed and I am awaiting my Midnight edition of Project Life to arrive which I pre-ordered months ago ๐Ÿ™‚ I cannot wait! But what use are the cards if I have no printed photos to use them with ๐Ÿ˜‰


I had some laptop issues which are now thankfully resolved & it is working again so I don’t really have much of an excuse. I’m taking 3 days off work starting with today, to catch up on some rest and sleep, as at 17 & a half weeks I appear to wake up every few hours! But in addition to that I have some serious sorting out to do around here. We need to make some room around here, and that means I need to go through my craft supplies and that my mini craft table needs to go later on this year to make room for a cot. That in itself has been a headache. There was one we wanted but even though our bed is up against the wall (that’s my side of the bed, not sure for how much longer though as I need to climb over my husband in the night to pee. I never have to get up in the night normally but I won’t be able to climb soon lol) the cot was too big for our bedroom, unless we wanted to try and squeeze between the bedside table past the cot and have a narrow passage to the wardrobe & built in cupboard! We have since decided on a winnie the pooh cot bed but need to double check the measurements, it is smaller than the other one though and in sure it will be OK. I have several albums in my cupboard for my cousins kids that I need to finish off and give to them to clear some more space! I have a heck of a lot of work to do.

I have also started on Taz’s album, and while putting it all together this morning, I realised I actually need to print some more little “filler” cards. I used Digital Design Essentials “A Dogs Life” kit. And I may have put in an order at Crafty-Charlie for some more page protectors, and to switch Taz’s album to an orange one and use this green one as either a pregnancy/baby’s first year or December Daily (I’m not sure whether if we find out baby’s sex whether I may just get a pink or blue album instead for that!)



And I have also done this for my Project Life album:


But one thing that made us chuckle, we asked Oliver what he thought his new cousin was going to be and he said a girl, and when asked if he wanted to kiss baby (in my tummy), he said “No, I will wait until it comes out!” Love him! Gareth originally thought baby was a boy but the more he thinks about it, he thinks it’s a girl. My brother has 2 boys and we found out my brother in law’s baby, due roughly 4 weeks before our baby is also a boy. I have already said I have no idea what baby is, nor would I like to guess!

Turning 30

Clearly all the changes that had happened thus far in 2013 wasn’t enough for me, and the day before I turned 30, I went a bit loopy…


… and I had all my hair cut off!



Well most of you who know me or my story already will be fully aware that I donate my hair to charity, so little girls with cancer can have a wig from it ๐Ÿ™‚ Though it’s a BIG difference getting used to less hair, but with everything that had been going on I figured why not cut it all off and have a fresh start?? New job, new year, new hair do… It just seemed rather fitting!



The ponytail was a few inches shorter as they needed a little bit extra there to work with to get the style I was after, so once my ponytail was cut I had a nice bob like I normally had, but I wanted a pixie do!




Gareth has been quite ill lately and in a lot of pain, so my birthday was cut short as I looked after my poorly husband who went to hospital on Monday, and that meant valentines was put on hold as well. But it wasn’t all bad… I got myself 2 Project Life’s to play with! The big 12×12 binder which I am not going to be doing weekly spreads as everyone is doing. Nope, mine is just going to be a regular scrapbook, but the ease of the system was far too wonderful to pass up! Bit gutted Seafoam Core Kit had sold out, but it’s OK… I am going to be doubly sure to get the Midnight edition when it is released. I love Paislee Press, Liz is one of my favourite digital designers! Other favourites of mine are One Little Bird, Three Paper Peonies, andย Digital Design Essentials… and speaking of Project life I purchased Seafoam at and Traci Reed has a sampler over at her blog, which I adored so much I purchased her version of the templates!

I printed off a bunch of the Seafoam cards and put them in a baggie ready to quickly scrap at a moments notice…

UntitledThe mini album will be our Disney holiday album which I have been working on using the collab kit “Day Planner” by Paislee Press and One Little Bird ๐Ÿ™‚ This whole being 30 thing isn’t so bad!


Mojo is back!


I am back to Zumba classes ๐Ÿ™‚ So fab to be with such lovely ladies, and they were all talking about a video which Reg gave us a demonstration of (minus the Zumba men!) So glad to be back.


I’ve also been on Illustrator which just does not want to co-operate on my laptop. I managed to export 2 of my vector images but for the last 2 it claimed I did not have enough memory to complete the operation. Thank heavens for smart layers! I copied and pasted the vectors into photoshop.


8 papers made for a new “Shout It Out” kit I’ve been toying with for Hanson Crafts. Hopefully will lead on to phone wallpapers, 10×8 print to go with the subway art I made… My vectors are far from perfect though, but I made them so they’re good enough for me ^_^

Short and Sweet

I am feeling beyond lousy right now. A cold has managed to sneak up on me this afternoon & I’ve been struggling ever since, so I shall be very brief:

Forgot how tricky these buggers were!

I had my contact lens appointment. I haven’t worn any in 8 years. I remembered why. Alas I need them, so I just need to make it work for a couple of months and then I shall go back to being perfectly happy with my glasses. I love my glasses. I’m rather attached to them. Sadly to get around a water park I need those contact lenses! And I look silly without my glasses.


I actually got around to Smashing last night. I’ve not touched any scrapbooking stash since I last did some smashing back in April? or June? Either or. I worked on my Disney Smash Book which I’m particularly fond of right now ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s hard to believe that we’ve waited for so long and now our time is almost here! My American sim has arrived (I’ve decided on Red Pocket) & my halloween costume has been tried on & I looooove it! I will be a brunette Alice lol. I was lucky enough to find an official Disney one on eBay pretty cheap, and I’m already excited to get to wear it properly at the party. I have already warned my work colleagues between now & our departure date shall be pretty much unbearable ๐Ÿ˜‰

Right, bed calls. I need some rest, and hope that I can sleep it off.


So a couple of my online twitter/instagram/facebook friends have quite a lot to answer for ๐Ÿ˜‰ Katyย started a group on facebook for Smashers which she invited me to, but I didn’t smash… Well I do now after seeing everything has been up to!


I ordered some smash supplies, and then I came up with an idea as I was stroking my new supplies! I went to Paperarts and got some cardstock that matched my kit that I designed.


I still hadn’t done a minibook for the concert back in November!


So I finished the mini book (pictures to come when I have better light in which to take photos!)


And I designed a Hanson Smash book, and fully assembled it!


I smashed a couple of pages…


Which I also figured to go with a smash book and to make a mini book, people need some journalling blocks! So I designed some of those too! I hope to get pictures, downloads and tutorials to follow on the Hanson Crafts site shortly I hope ๐Ÿ™‚

Not quite the big 3-0

Oliver & Daddy

So I turned 29 a couple of weeks back, and as usual with work and life in general getting in my way I’ve not blogged (in fact, my digital kit I’ve been working on hasn’t been touched in some time and I have been neglecting my CT work this month too, I am such a bad person!)

The point of this post was really to give myself a quick toot toot lol, as Cathy Zielske herself picked my above layout as one of the giveaway winners in her Type class so I’ve been especially excited. Even more so when I note that I started that layout right before bedtime on the final night of class (again, had been super busy!) and I nearly never got to do it and I’m so glad I did!

Another week over

Homemade pizza

How is it Sunday afternoon? Why does the week go slow yet the weekend go super speedy? I have to admit, I’ve taken quite a few short cuts this week at home, and we have managed on a small budget for food. We made a beef casserole which made roughly 5 meals or so, and the best part was the pizza (above) made with a cheap pizza base packet mix (just add water!) and rolled out – just a quarter with chips was enough for us so we had yet another meal each from it. Score! This is something I have been trying to get through to Gareth when we cook meals, that we need leftovers, and once again Pinterest has come to our rescue, and we have a few blog studies to do ๐Ÿ˜‰


I think I’ve also settled on my One Little Word for 2012…


I have a couple of Type classes coming up within the next week (exciting! Especially as they have a “scrapbooking” orientation to them) I have a creative writing class from OU downloaded on my iPhone from iTunes U, I have played with Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign so that I know my way around it to do very basic things (I used Illustrator to do my papers) but I’d love to do some learning at lynda.comย on them, andย because I’m so out on webdesign as I was self taught back in 2001 and lost touch with it for a few years after I moved out of my parents. Not to mention learning coding at codeacademy ๐Ÿ™‚ Later this year? I’d love to get the acoustic guitar out and learn to play a Hanson song or two!

Having a play…

Coming Soon

I’ve not played around making a digital kit in many years. Now this kit in particular is aimed towards my special crafts site as a freebie, but I have been toying with the idea of removing those theme specific items and releasing it as a mini kit for here. But I still have a lot of work left to do on it, believe me! But it’s actually really fun to be doing something with design. I could never do it and make a business of it though, I couldn’t do numerous kits a month LOL! Though I have been making templates, and overlays so hopefully there will be more freebies in the futureย ๐Ÿ˜‰

December Daily

Day 6
“I have many fond memories of our fire at home during my childhood. Getting up in the mornings and racing Stewart for a prime spot next to the fire, in front of the TV, one sat behind the other.
But the most fondest of all was when dad used to push the sofa closer to the fire, so that to come in the front room you had to walk behind the sofa. Mum, Dad, Stewart & myself all used to sit on it together, watching TV.
While I remember the occasional Saturday night television in the winter, being cuddled up with my family, it also reminds me of Christmas.
I absolutely adored that time, all 4 of us together. I can recall that Iโ€™d often request the sofa being pushed forward because it was my favourite. A rare treat, and quality family time.
Cozy. Pure comfort”

Ok so I found a great new app (PicFrame) and had to use it to show you that I am indeed doing December Daily ๐Ÿ˜‰ In fact there are days that I look at my page and I don’t like it, but the one above about fond memories of moving the sofa during the winter and the page I did yesterday I do like ๐Ÿ™‚ Yesterdays is a random letter to santa:

My silhouette/robo has been doing me proud, though I need a new mat (and to temporarily put a new blade on so I can get my gift boxes done!)

December daily

I shall be enjoying a long weekend (Monday off work, a-woo-hoo!) and basking in my “up-togetherness” as I have just one or two presents left to make and then I’m done. Well apart from getting presents for Gareth which he just decided the other day that he wants otherwise I would have got it before now ๐Ÿ˜‰

Really trying to be festive and in that Christmas mood. And to be in the moment and savour this time of year!