Opening up (slowly)

We went back into another lockdown at the very end of December and only recently have shops allowed to open (except for essential shops which never closed, like the one I work in) Stay at home changed to Stay Local and then just the other week changed again and the border opened up with Wales and we were allowed to go visit my in-laws and walk around a big field and drop off Christmas presents we have been unable to give them since plans changed back in December. Today was the first time I have ventured out of the house that wasn’t for work/grocery shopping/something important like collecting meds or attending an appointment and to a shop where I spent my Hobby Craft gift card I received for Christmas – I got a super bargain too, a gold glitter effect travellers notebook reduced from £25 to £5!

I put in an application to be a commons designer over at too. I have dabbled in designing stuff off and on over the years and once I found this great community I decided I’d jump in and do it again as it has been so long. I am currently a level 2 designer and am (slowly) working on getting to level 3! It’s fun to have something to focus on that’s not everything else I have to do. It has been really tough – that third lockdown plus stuff going on in my personal life it has just all weighed me down. Luckily my dad seems to have a bit of time where he is able to get up and about on crutches and he has been out on a mobility scooter to go with my mum when she has gone on a walk, but he still has some bad days where he’s in a lot of pain and can’t do much and it’s really sad to see 😦
Dylan? Well just this week his school hours are now completely returned to normal, though I’ve had some hiccups at pick up time once we have left the playground with him leaving his girlfriend behind – there’s a girl in his class he has been very good friends with for a long time and he said he was in love with her and asked her to be his girlfriend – it’s super cute and it helps me get him to school but a little bit stressful at home time as he doesn’t want to leave her! Just this week she drew him an adorable picture of the 2 of them together that I just had to scan in and preserve for him when he gets older to remember lol. He has also (thankfully!) pulled his front baby tooth out that was giving him problems and it was no wonder it was a struggle to come out as the one side of the tooth was so long it was holding on for dear life LOL! He is relieved it is out and we are hoping his adult teeth which were already coming through, can finish off coming through with ease without that baby tooth stuck in the middle!

Front top baby tooth finally out!

For my birthday this year I had a wonderful surprise – I couldn’t get to have it for a while though sadly because I managed to take a chunk out of my thumb literally days after my birthday so that and the fact I had to take the weekend off work as I was in no fit state to go into work with my thumb how it was and not being able to physically do much and I hadn’t had a sick day for 2 years either! But anyway, it was a vintage sewing machine. As someone who can’t sew well at all and had numerous issues with my old machine… It was amazing to get to use my new-to-me machine and was surprised at how quickly I managed to learn how to use it and how much better it is than my old machine!

Anywho that’s pretty much all of an update that I have as there really hasn’t been much more worth to share 🙂

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