This year has been both very long and super quick!

It’s crazy to think it is gone mid November already. This year has been super testing and feels like it has been very long but at the same time it has whizzed by. 2020 has been just… nuts!

In August Dylan was fully embracing the summer fun and no schooling at home anymore, but there were news reports that all children had to return to school in September or parents would face a fine – and we were super anxious about him going back, thinking that in hindsight maybe it was a good idea for him to have returned back in June when the school opened up to just 2 year groups so limited pupils and his year group was one of them. But we kept him home.

The transition back to school wasn’t too bad though he was not keen on going back, he was glad to see his friends. The first term went well. We decorated for Halloween and went on a pumpkin walk on Halloween before it got dark when there weren’t many people out and about. We went for a long walk around the block looking at homes with pumpkins in their windows.

After the half term, Dylan was back at school for just one day when one of our fears were realised… I had a text at lunchtime on the second day back to collect him from school because there was a positive test in his bubble. The way it has worked in schools here is that each class or year group is a “bubble” as there is limited social distancing possible, and that way if there is a positive case, the rest of the school can continue but that bubble needs to isolate for 14 days. So he only returned back to school on Wednesday but they introduced hot school dinners again after providing packed lunches only, but for the infants (Key Stage 1 pupils), so he was happy to have his roast dinner days back, and it was week 3 menu which is his favourite! We were lucky that he was fine those whole 14 days, and as we were not in contact with the positive case, myself and Gareth could continue on as normal so I could go out and get groceries still and go to work, it was only Dylan who had to stay home those 14 days and it was tough going for him.

We were put in a second lockdown the day after Dylan began isolating so apart from work and grocery shopping, I have been happily at home. Gareth has continued to work from home, and work has under gone different measures over the months as well – we have some screens put up which means no more people leaning over our counters (hasn’t stopped people putting their heads down to the opening at the bottom of the screen nor trying to reach underneath…) but it is much nicer. We are supposed to finish lockdown on December 2nd but I’m not very confident that where I live will go back into tier 1 restrictions as we were going into lockdown as our cases have increased. We just have to wait and see how this current lockdown works.

So now it is just Christmas prep. I’m still doing my weekly stream, and at the moment those are working on my past December Dailies. I’m slowly getting some YouTube videos prepared for my old December Dailies, though at present I have been posting a new one daily to my IGTV. I’m hoping to get the Christmas decorations up this weekend, and we are getting a new fridge freezer pretty soon (it has been purchased, just awaiting a delivery date!) we have gone for an American style one so we have more space as every week it is a constant game of freezer Tetris and have had to ask my parents if they could store stuff for us 🙂

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