And then it was July

I am so behind on my Goodreads challenge for this year… 6 books to read and I’ve only read 1 😦 I’m still constantly feeling overwhelmed and had the weekend off work which was definitely much needed. Working in retail during all this really does take its toll. We have officially passed day 100 of lockdown, though things are starting to open and ease up, we haven’t felt very comfortable in going out.

I wear my homemade masks every week for work and shopping. At work I slot in a disposable mask just as an extra layer – I really need to look into getting some non-woven fabric instead so that I can wash and reuse. I took Dylan out to get some sweets last week to the local newsagents as well, which was massive for us and he did the best he could – but once out of the shop he had to take his mask straight off so I had to do my best to carry it home looped over 1 finger. He’s finding it hard, but we did manage to get out for a socially distanced walk with his friend M to go see the horses in a nearby field. I know he really needed that.

Our holiday at the end of July has been cancelled and he has been so upset about it as it’s his favourite place to go, only we couldn’t see Rory the Tiger, or go swimming in the pool, or eat in the restaurant, or do anything else – including his ultimate favourite thing of visiting the arcade… We could literally just sit in the caravan or visit the beach with literally everybody else, with just a 20% discount… so it was a big no from us! All the images we have been seeing with how others are acting have just put us right off and it’s a lot of money just to sit in the caravan for the week.

Saturday 4th of July was dubbed “Super Saturday” when lots of stuff reopened such as pubs and restaurants. We did not leave the house. There are far too many people out there who just don’t care and are putting others at risk. It’s just so upsetting. I am going to attempt to take Dylan out to Hobbycraft as he needs some more picture beads as he has been loving making Mario characters to be ironed and kept from the beads but we are low on black and white beads. I know he will enjoy getting to go out, especially in the car. I honestly can’t remember the last time he got to go out in the car! I have seen on their website how they are dealing with queues and people going into store and I feel like they have it under control with social distancing (just like in our store at work) so I feel a little comfortable going to see how it goes. Just having that info on the site made all the difference to me actually deciding to go with monkey 🙂

School work is very much difficult to get him to do hence why as he has only been doing a little each day, he will be continuing through the summer holidays just doing a little. We do really hope that the week we were due to go on our holiday we can do some activities as a family but we need to play it by ear and see how things go. But top of the list of things to do it a picnic up the local hill 🙂

You can also see Dylan lost his first tooth as well and was super excited by a visit from the tooth fairy! We have had a socially distanced visit from his teacher and the SEN lady from the school (they stood at our gate to talk to us) to see how he is doing. It’s a bit sad that he has pretty much missed out on Year 1 at school. We also had info from the school about his teacher for Year 2 and when he saw the list of teachers and teaching assistants he told me he didn’t care who his teacher was as long as he had a specific TA (she has been in the other class all year in year 1) but myself and Gareth knew who we hoped his teacher would be as the one teacher was in our sports day group for Dylan’s year in Reception… and that’s his teacher… in addition to the TA Dylan wanted, so relief all round, and as they usually swap classes around each year after seeing how the children are during the school year as they did after reception class, this year they are keeping classes as they are due to all the disruption this year, so we are also relieved that though there is going to be a massive change with a new teacher, TAs and new room… the people in it plus the one TA will be familiar to him.

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