Day…. Uhh… lost count

I have fallen out with my sewing machine. Last night I had it apart trying to get it sorted and gave in at 11pm (which is waaaaay past my bedtime) and then spent hours from after Dylan woke me up at 6.30 still trying to fix it. I went through all the trouble shooting and finally it started working… but the tension was all wrong. I tried everything I could but I couldn’t get it fixed. I managed to finish the project I was working on at the time (I figured bad sewing was better than no sewing) and I boxed the sewing machine up and shoved it back where it was stored.

However, this week I have managed to make a face mask for each family member – it was hubby’s that broke my machine. It was really as a “just in case” as many other countries are following a rule of having a face covering when going out and as yet we have not had one but there are rumours in the news that it could be announced. I grabbed an old bed sheet that I stashed with my sewing supplies and cut out my own and Dylan’s masks and made them. For hubby’s I had a navy fat quarter laying around which has also been sun damaged – it’s been laying around for quite some time! While far from perfect, I’m pleased with how it turned out and find it a lot more comfortable than a “proper” mask I had been given to use which just didn’t fit right at all. It was my nan (a seamstress) who on our weekly chat mentioned a pattern for a face mask prompting me to get online and find something for her that I could print off and post in her letterbox… As much as I wanted to ask her to make some for us, I thought I would just give it a go myself. And while I can no longer make more than the ones we already have, I can get them in the laundry and into the tumble drier pretty quickly.

It such a crazy time right now, I sometimes sit and try and process just what the heck is going on. Just sometimes I have a wave come over me about it all. I’ve not been having the best week neither (my sewing machine no longer sewing correctly is just a small portion of my bad week – and it’s only Wednesday). Schoolwork is still a struggle. Just going to pee in peace is no small feat. Luckily we have “Wellness Wednesday” and the last 2 weeks I have jumped on a video chat. Dylan got to catch up with his friend on video chat as well today and it was nice to say hello to her mum and have a quick chat. I know I should get in touch with my Florida friends as it would be cool for Dylan to chat to one of my friend’s daughters. Dylan also has a class video chat too tomorrow which I know he is looking forward to as he hasn’t “seen” any of his school friends since the school closures in March.

I will be sure to do another check in soon, but for now, I need sleep!

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