Day 30 of lockdown

We have slightly slipped into some sort of routine, though this week is “back to (home)school” after 2 weeks of Easter holidays, so I knew it was going to be a bit difficult to ease back into it. BBC have been doing “Bitesize Daily” and the first 2 days wasn’t too bad but today in addition to the technical difficulties that it didn’t go up until a bit later, it just wasn’t happening. It wasn’t that he didn’t do anything because he did and that’s something at least. I think the only reason bitesize held his attention yesterday was because there was a gross yeti who ate yellow snow that made Dylan absolutely howl with laughter and request “the yeti part” over multiple times. Yesterday morning I even managed to turn his mario gameplay into school work and submit it to his teacher… He was playing Mario Maker 2 – so building and debugging by checking his level to make sure it is playable and as we use class dojo via the school, he managed to get dojo points for doing it!

He has managed to persuade me to play some Mario 3D world and we have done a bunch of levels that we struggled with (there was one level I refused to do because it was too hard and I didn’t think I would ever be able to do it…. I completed it with all 3 stars, the level stamp AND gold flag! GO ME! Not gonna lie, it did take a while LOL!)

Mondays I spend the morning (after having a short cuddle with monkey) tidying up the kitchen and starting the new week’s chores, and we do some school work. Tuesdays are super busy as I head out to Tesco around 10am and don’t get back until about 11.30, During this time Dylan has all the tablet time as he needs to sit in the spare room with daddy who is working in there. This is the day home school doesn’t start until around 2pm as we have lunch and then I have to get bins, food waste and recycling sorted ready for whatever is being collected that week (recycling and food waste every week, bins every other week). I also do my best to video chat with my nan this day.

Wednesday is general chores in between other things. We do some school work. Evenings I watch Goldbergs (8pm, though tonight I am catching up on the computer while I can as I can just get on E4 and watch all the shows I like) Schooled is 8.30 and then when I’m sleeping and I don’t get to watch it while it’s on is Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist at 10pm but I watch that on catch up when I can – I try on Thursday. Thursdays again, try some school work but by this part of the week, it’s waning. Fridays we try our best lol. On the weekends I am working the early shifts and I catch up on any chores I need to do and just try chill if we can.

My flare got worse and the hospital never responded, so I spoke with the doctors on Monday and they took extensive notes and decided considering the situation they would prescribe it to me but I would need to speak with the hospital who actually did actually call me back after that call when I updated them. I was in so much pain on Sunday, I’m wondering how I managed to get through my shift at work. Monday was another bad day (hence the call) and I’m hoping next week the meds will kick in and it’ll be so much better (it has eased a bit already thankfully!)

And saved for last, the best news! I have managed to claim my domain back! Long story short, they reset all open tickets, I opened a new one asked them to change my WHOIS info they said no (they actually responded!) so I took full advantage to ask them to transfer my domain and now I’m free from them! The domain currently points here to my blog.

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