A new normal

If anyone has been following me on instagram (check me out btw) then you will already know some updates of late. Dylan’s school closed at the end of the school day on 19th March as his school already had an inset day planned on the Friday. Many children didn’t go on Thursday but Dylan went as it allowed him a bit of closure and to bring some of his things home as we have no idea when (or if) he will be going back to school for year one.

I cleared the dining room table of all the random stuff that often got left on it and it became his learning area – complete with a Pokemon poster courtesy of Twinkl and calendar posters that I’m sure I’ve seen before in Dylan’s classroom that I also laminated. That shirt on his table was his “uniform” that he designed for his first project. That Friday where the teachers were in for inset day, they had set up all resources for the kids and we are on the class dojo platform so it’s nice to have that connection to school and his teacher still.

Gareth is working from home and has been since just before Dylan finished school. It can prove challenging trying to keep Dylan’s volume down, we were just super grateful last week the sun was shining (though cold at times!) and we spent a lot of time outside in our back garden – today not so much as it rained.

Work has seen some big changes too. From operating as normal, to putting down tape to keep customers back, having to physically put things in front of the counter to stop some of them still leaning over, to closing our shop front and having barrier tape outside and running click and collect only with a pasting table at our store door for people to able to collect their items once we have stepped back. It has been interesting for sure.

Today has seen minimal school work completed, but it’s OK. We will get back on to things a bit better tomorrow – mummy certainly needs to have a quiet bath and I am hoping to carve out a bit of time each day to sit and read my own books. I failed my Goodreads reading challenge last year and I want to make it this year (I don’t count Dylan’s books lol otherwise I would pass with flying colours!) It is also super important to set some time aside for some gratitude and meditation to keep things in perspective as well as I try and juggle everything. I have had to call the IBD team at hospital and leave a message – considering all that’s going on they are swamped with calls and so it takes around 3 days for it to be returned which is understandable, but I have had to request some more medication as my doctor will not allow me to get a repeat prescription and I started flaring a few days ago.

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