Domain host issues

I am so grateful that I decided to back up my blog the other week! I’ve mentioned previously that I’ve had web host issues in the past and now my whole site is down and not just the one, but my blog and main site. I have set up redirects so my domain points to my Google Site (I have been slowly getting the page up together so it’s pretty much done) and my blog URL points to here. I’m starting to think I’m over web hosting anyway, there are free offerings that suit me just fine for how often I actually blog plus my main site points to my social media anyway and Google Sites is perfect for that.

I am going to transfer my domains away from where they are now and have the 2 in different places. I’ve been doing the research for a long time, I guess now it’s time to do something about it.

Little Romeo

Life wise, it has been a year since I last blogged! A whole year has passed since I met Hanson on the String Theory tour… time really does fly by! Monkey is growing by the day, last Friday we were at the school disco, I was helping to run the shop/bar and Dylan often came over to see how I was, and grabbed one of the fake roses to give to me, in his mouth and I just had to snap a picture. I had to leave my post at the bar on a couple of occasions when Dylan was going up to the speakers and putting his ear up next to it to get him away from it >.< It’s an ongoing process, and I will certainly do a post another day about some of his Sensory “Quirks” (note to self: add it to my Trello!)

We had a meeting at the school yesterday to discuss his needs. It’s a bit emotional to hear that while he excels in his speech/reading etc he struggles with his fine motor skills (another reason he hates writing) and he struggles with social situations and his attention span. He has a lot of one on one time with teaching assistants when time allows but he may need additional support. So we are working with the school so that home life is consistent as well. I was so proud of him when he wrote in my birthday card and will treasure that writing ❤

Project wise, I’ve been streaming once a week to Twitch and Mixer trying to get used to doing it regularly and once I’ve got the hang of it and I’m comfortable talking to myself to begin with, I will spread the word and let people know when I go live and look at doing it on my YouTube channel as well… I have some YouTube video ideas but it’s getting over my “it’s not good enough” issues and just get it out there 😉

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