The Creative Planner magazine

Issue 02 The Creative Planner//

Back in the summer of last year, a few people within one of the communities I belong to on Facebook suggested that we should have a magazine for planners. I thought it was a fantastic idea and immediately volunteered to join the team! We worked on ideas, I made a Brand Identity for the magazine as voted from a few ideas I put forward, and we were on our way! There was a lot of research and collaboration that went on for months, and I was having a blast. The whole magazine is a passion project that we do, for free, and offer for free as well. It is a PDF download, so not an “online magazine” that some may be where all the content is on a website with each article being a sort of blog post. This is an actual PDF of layouts and spreads. In fact our Editorial Team got the first issue professionally printed as sort of a keepsake 🙂 Tomorrow we launch issue two, which is even more exciting this time around as I have also written an article.

What is also really interesting to some people, is that the whole thing is done within Google Drive. It’s no secret that I absolutely love Drive, but it has allowed us to collaborate on this with team members all over the UK. Each issue has its own folder where we keep images and articles (organised in their own folders so we know what goes with each) and a document with an issue overview including deadlines, article ideas, who is writing what and what the current status with it all is in addition to page order and whether it is to be started, in progress or completed.
Even the magazine itself is made using Google Slides and is kept in the issue folder as well, myself and Dominika have been working on the file simultaneously collaborating on layouts, before being exported as a PDF file when completed.
All for free 🙂

Head over to our Facebook page for more information and how to download the new issue.

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