Finally it’s Christmas – well, almost.

Back in 1997, I heard MMMBop for the first time and immediately became a Hanson fan. That November they released a Christmas album so naturally I had to have it and ever since that album has been a big part of my Christmas celebrations every year (it is habit to listen to it on its release date!)

Last year when they announced they would be releasing a new album this year, I just couldn’t wait! The year has flown by though and the release date was on Friday. I woke up and immediately went over to the website and purchased it. As much as I would have liked a physical cd of this specific album and even some of the goodies they were offering, the cost of shipping alone was just not happening. So I just purchased the download album instead.

I absolutely love it, and with all the December daily planning I have been doing, I have been in Christmas mode and adoring it! Haha! Though with it only being Halloween, I may need to give the festive atmosphere a little rest for a while 😉 who knows if I will follow my snowed in tradition and listen to finally it’s Christmas on its release date each year or whether I will keep the date the same as snowed in 🙂

The album is out on iTunes, Amazon, and you can even listen on Spotify so check it out!

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