February Favourites

I thought I would do a post on some of the things i’m absolutely loving right now, (which are mostly YouTubers lol)

Fleur DeForce

Fleur is pretty well known, and considering that I dont wear make-up it’s funny that I love this channel, but it’s kind of nice to live vicariously through Fleur’s vlogs of her life and travels and it’s cool to see how she does make up seeing as I have no clue! (She has a separate Vlogging channel)

Lily Pebbles

another beauty YouTuber, I have really loved how Lily did her make up bag essentials video and how it was presented – I saved the video again for later as it was informative and so cool to watch (the writing showing each product was just awesome!) it is also cool to watch her vlogs too 🙂


yup, sensing a pattern here haha! however Ashley also does some amazing plan with me videos, and I adore her clean planning style and her product videos, make up videos etc make great viewing and I love her video style, so often await notifications that she has posted a new video.

Less Junk < More Journey

I often get recommendations via YouTube and I found one channel that I subbed to from a recommendation a while back, and that channel (Exploring Alternatives, another one I enjoy watching!), did a short feature video on this family. I enjoyed that video so much I went to their channel watched a couple of videos and instantly adored this family & subbed straight away! I have since gone through their back catalogue of videos and watched numerous ones (slowly making my way through them), thoroughly enjoyable watching their journey 😀 I get excited when I get a notification that they’ve posted a new video and watch it as soon as I can.

Finding Simon

“Baja or Bust” series has finished and now “Pushing North” has begun. I can’t say I watched every single episode of Baja or Bust but I’ve watched every one of Pushing North so far. I love his videography so it’s an enjoyable watch plus seeing how he lives out of his van. I really like following along 🙂

TV shows: big bang theory, The Goldbergs, Jane The Virgin, The Flash.

Aldi’s raw fruit bars. I have just one left but I don’t like to go out of my way to go get them so if I am in the area where Aldi is then I swing by and grab a fair few boxes!

Nail wraps. The ONLY way I will not bite my nails, I did so well until I had no wraps on and had a bit of stress, then all but one was nibbled. The one in question had a plaster (band-aid) over it, and it’s still unbitten now, but I plan to get some wraps on again soon. But Ack, they are expensive so I don’t tend to put them on often.

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