After persuading someone I know to try reusable pads via my updates, I thought it was best to do a post on my cup, especially as I am in bed next to a sleeping toddler at gone 1pm after we were up all night & came for a nap just before 11am. I’ve had about an hour nap at least.

So my first attempt at the cup was quite amusing. I put it in and lasted all of 20 minutes in which time I didn’t even sit down. Could I feel it? Nope! But I was so aware that it was in there and a little freaked out which was daft really. I was also freaked out about getting it out… What if I got my cervix measurement all wrong and my shorty cup got lost up there FOREVER!? Well, it actually can’t get lost up there, as it turns out.

I did persist and build up the amount of time I used it. I was determined that this little cup was going to be awesome, and it is, though I’m still getting used to it and because of that, there have been occasions where it is in and not leaking but I’m not sure when to change it (still learning about my flow too!) and have taken it out to check on it and cursed myself as I could have left it a few more hours! It has been sooooooo brilliant to wear at work, put it in before I leave and not have to worry at all about needing to change a pad while I’m there. Well once I get it into my head that I don’t need to check on it “just in case” as I wear a back up pad for now anyway while I have the cup in. As the times I have worn it to work whilst on my period I have gone to have a look how it’s doing after just a few hours. Rookie mistake it seems. But having had the experience of emptying it in a “public bathroom” (shared with my work colleagues who quite a few know about the cup anyway) it is pretty easy, as long as you have something to wipe the cup with, like a reusable wipe which also doubles up as my “cup spot” so I can put it down, or I have a collapsible cup thing that I use to sterilise my menstrual cup in and can fill that with water to take into the stall to clean it 🙂 it really isn’t that hard or awkward at all.

As I am still getting a stash of pads together it has also been super helpful in that when I have just 1 clean pad left I can put the cup in with it on and get all my others washed and dried, so this cycle just gone was my first disposable free one! 

I have still yet to use it overnight, hopefully this cycle I will. Each month I am more determined to get the hang of it ^_^ it’s also funny as I was having a bad time & heard of cheeky wipes 25% off over Black Friday weekend so I have a few more pads coming. At least it was something I needed and not buying for the sake of it which is something I am trying to embrace 🙂 but I can do a post with my “stash” when I have them all.

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