Cloth pad update


I have to admit, “pleasant” isn’t actually a word you would associate with your period, but my last one was much more tolerable 🙂 I was using both disposables and reusables, and it was quite an experience using them both as I was able to compare them as I used them.

Some things I learned:

  • Disposables really don’t have a nice feel
  • Disposables smell awful
  • Disposables are convenient that they are smaller and can just be disposed of.
  • Blood tends to sit on the surface for a bit before being absorbed.

But then:

  • Reusables are so nice to wear
  • Much better absorbency (In my experience)
  • As I had charcoal bamboo, you could see the blood, but it wasn’t noticeable as blood (if that makes sense? It just looked “damp”, so perfect for those who are squeamish!)
  • Washing the pads wasn’t as bad as I feared. I rinsed them out first until the water ran clear and then just chucked them into a regular wash. And no staining! If I was squeamish though, I’d have taken the advice of just chucking them in their own wash cycle without even taking them of out the wash bag.
  • They are surpringly discreet! I had mine in my small wet bag, but even if you just have the pad, if it was folded up, no one would have a clue that you had a pad in your hand and might think it was a purse or something.
  • They are a little bulky storage wise though, when folded up.
  • Handling used pads wasn’t bad either 🙂 even when I was at work, which I worried would have been an issue. I just folded the used pad up and poppered it closed and put straight into the wet bag.
  • There isn’t a bad smell with reusables! Another reason that putting a used pad in my work bag wasn’t an issue 🙂 one thing I found surprising is that the blood doesn’t have a smell per se, but it did give me flashbacks of after having Dylan and the lochlia: though the maternity pads were huge and bulky they said that they shouldn’t smell as if it did it would signal an infection so it was something to be mindful of.

My cup arrived too, and I was very intrigued! I gave it a quick test (or a “dry run”) so put it in and took it out. I have to admit, I’m a bit scared! I managed it ok, but I guess it will be a bit like contact lenses. I was freaked out and convinced I would never be able to “touch my eye” but I did it just fine (though as it turned out, contacts weren’t for me!) my meluna cup cost £11 and will last for many years so I am determined to give it a good go. It will be a completely different experience once it is in and I’m going about my day. I will be using the cup alongside my reusable pads until I am confident enough of how frequently I need to empty it and that I have it positioned correctly.

I also came across the monthly box from which is where I bought my cup from. I’m thinking that would be a nice treat sometime 🙂

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