Making the switch to reusables

We signed the contracts! We are so close now 🙂

I am currently mid “Week In The Life”. As much as I would love to promise a post on it, I just don’t know if/when I will, but I hope to. (The cot shot is from nap time today, the others are from various days)


// I will do an advanced “TMI” warning for anyone who is of a squeemish disposition, however it’s all completely natural stuff I will be sharing, but I can already tell you no guy wants to read past this paragraph… Don’t say I didn’t warn you, now on to lady stuff.

During an anti natal class they were talking about cloth nappies (or diapers to my American friends) and I felt completely sold, however the logistics of it, how would I manage being out and about and keeping up with laundry as a first time mum (which was completely founded really, as I found I struggled as I’m sure you will all know both physically and mentally for quite some time) so it was something I never did, and it was for the best for me at the time.

I spotted on occasions during some Pinterest browsing I’m sure and some blogs in my feeds quite possibly, all about cloth pads. I looked at them a few times, thought it was cool but carried on my merry way. Well a couple/few weeks back I heard about menstrual cups. This intrigued me, I’ve always hated tampons and can probably count on one hand the number of tampons I have ever used, and that’s because of swimming (most times I would just have to pass on going). But lately I am just getting fed up of feeling so “ick” during my period and the general feeling that disposable pads have, I sat down and read people’s views on cloth pads and the cups. It was enough to make me decide to give it a go. No plastic-y chemical treated disposable pads. Cups which you can leave in for up to 12 hours and the clean feeling? Sign me up! Especially now myself and Dylan go to the pool once a week and he adores it and I don’t want to have to skip it once a month when there could be a solution. Cloth pad wise, it might seem gross, but it’s not really, and no different from what our grandmothers had to do if you think about it.


I was impressed when my cloth pads arrived, I have 2 panty liners, 2 regular, 2 night time & one small wet bag to arrive and I have 1 larger wet bag with 2 compartments for home. They are bamboo ones (I did lots of research and chose some bamboo ones for now, I will try cotton next & most certainly going to invest in a couple of longer – 14″ – night time pads. I’m sure some of you get me on this one). I still have a stash of disposables so I will use cloth along with those to start with to see how I get on, especially with the upkeep of washing them.
I am also going to take the plunge and buy a cup, but I need to wait for my next period (I started research during my last one, so was too late really) as I need to check cervix height during those days to get a better idea of which cup I will need. I’d rather wait a little longer to try and get the right one sooner rather than later. I know it might take a few cups to find my “goldilocks” cup, but I didn’t want to excitedly buy just any old one and have it be completely wrong, so I’m happier to wait a little longer.
It is so overwhelming though all the different types, so I joined a group on Facebook and watched YouTube videos by precious stars pads and I *think* I will be going for the lunette brand, depending on those height measurements. Ironically, I wondered how it would fit in, but seriously… Dylan. Enough said! I’m sure it will be fine LOL!

I will certainly let you all know my thoughts on my experience with how I get on!

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