Waiting in limbo

Toddlers…. Just… My goodness! Just as I was making use of my time during his naps, he decides that some days he doesn’t want one, which is fine, we all know he’s never been a good sleeper, but man those days he doesn’t want a nap are the days I need a sit down the most! And the tantrums… the evil tantrums!!

He has been enjoying fun and free activities such as:

  • Spinning in the computer chair. All I have to do is turn him and wait for him to say “STOP!” and when he wants to go again he says “Ready. Steady. GO!” or simply “Go!”
  • Sitting in the drivers seat of my car. I sit in the back, I have an old 99 Reg car so there’s no buttons or anything he can do damage to thankfully. Though on hot days when I’m driving, I wish I had air con or electric windows LOL, but for playtime is is awesome, I sit in the backseat with the door open (my rear doors aren’t linked to the light, just the front doors, so no issues of draining the car battery) We both get fresh air because we can’t play in the garden & he can’t get out unless he tries to get past me first to the open door. Bonus of being down a quiet cul-de-sac really, that we can play together outside safely that way. Though I am constantly telling him not to stand out on the road, however quiet it is, because it is dangerous. Cul-de-sac or not. He ignores me, but I will get there.
  • Helping me with chores. He likes to hold onto the vacuum cleaner while I’m cleaning to “help”, also while I’m washing up, he goes into the one cupboard that doesn’t have a strap closure on it to get out the scales, colander etc to play with (just this morning, the colander when on top of the scales and inside the colander went his silicone baby food freezer tray thing), and he likes a couple of pans and a wooden spoon and alternates between “cooking”/”eating” and “playing drums”.


//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsWe had a family holiday together, Gareth had the week off, I booked the weekend off, and Nana came along too. Dylan enjoyed the beach a lot as well as the swimming pool. I ended up taking him to our local leisure centre as I heard they had a toddler pool and we will be going there again, even though he always wants to run off and I had a very hard time trying to keep him next to me (thankfully the changing cubicles had lower sides, as once he crawled under a changing room door to escape! And when he went to go down on the floor I immediately knew what he was up to anyway) but swimming lessons for him will be on my list.

He can be very affectionate, he gives me kisses and cuddles, and seriously makes up for all the other little things he does (this morning, I had to tell him off because he bit me!)


I think this has to be the worse part, just waiting around, when we are so desperate to move already. I have no clue what on earth is going on, and my parents were last in touch with the solicitor and were waiting on some documents in the post, as I asked my mum on Tuesday. I have been under a great deal of stress these last couple of weeks (as has Gareth) and it seems this week was just breaking point for me. Gareth thankfully managed to get home for 7pm the other day as I just needed big hugs. I really cannot wait to move!! I have hit a slight road block with Konmari  (bloody paper category!) and then part of me thinks it might be easier to do as we start to pack, but then I think that would be a very bad idea as it’ll be a mess as it is so I don’t need to add to it and then it’s less stuff to sort through to pack if I do it before.
I have no doubt a large part of that stress is stupid clutter! I know if we would have ended up staying here longer that we would have made some changes in the flat (brand new sofa bed in the lounge that 2 people can sleep on comfortably, would have put our bed and mattress in storage and got Dylan a wardrobe of his own, the bedroom would then be his, and we would continue to declutter – that would have been the only solution). I have a book on reservation at the library called “stuffocation” to read when it comes in.

One thought on “Waiting in limbo

  1. The picture of him helping you vacuum is adorable! I hope you hear about the house soon. Waiting in limbo is no fun!

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