31 weeks

Our pram arrived last Saturday! Hurrah!

Gareth putting pram together


My clothes are getting super tight! I think I need some new (but cheap!) PJs. I love my flannel jammies to death!

PJs are getting tight!


I got the Whooping Cough jab as I had it as a baby and when my mum told me what she went through with me, it was a no brainer! I didn’t feel a thing when it happened, however for a week afterwards… My poor arm ached and I couldn’t sleep on that side… Alongside not sleeping on my front or my back… I was pretty limited!

Whooping cough jab


More blood tests done, and the person doing the test couldn’t get anything out of my left arm so had a go at my right arm… Ouchy! I have been a human pincushion lately, essentially having tests every other week 😦

Two attempts for blood test!


Bumpy is getting bigger! Though I went from measuring a week behind to a week ahead and at my last appointment on Thursday was measuring a week behind again, but as it’s only a week either way it’s not an issue.


Bump 29 weeks


And here is little one from our (late 28 week) scan at 29 weeks after turning up for the appointment (and I booked the day off work!) to find out no one had actually booked me in for the scan, only the consultant appointment which was pointless as the consultant needed the scan, so I had to go back a further 2 times within a week. But on the Wednesday when I saw baby on the screen, I just felt so much better! Having caught up from being a little behind, baby is now bang on average though I have another scan on 30th September, and as I have been having a full blown Colitis flare for going on 4 weeks now which is always scary for me the best of times, I’m keeping everything crossed that growth will remain nice, steady and average.


Baby at 29 weeks


I have been at my wits end for the last couple of weeks having been put on steroids which have been making me a bit poorly on top of the colitis symptoms I’ve already got, and though I see an antenatal consultant they cannot actually help me and I have to speak to the gastro/IBD nurse and they are short staffed, so it’s been a bit of a headache to say the least! I last spoke with them on Thursday for some more advice and I need to call them back yet again at the end of this week coming up and I still need to take steroids, as they spoke to me the previous week saying not to call before Wednesday just gone and see how I get on as the steroids take up to 14 days to work. Made no difference and was still flaring so I called back to be told to eat more fibre and call back on Friday. After speaking with one of the colitis communities I was advised by them to forget the latest advice and head straight to A&E. Though I am worried, last night A&E seemed a bit drastic to me, and I seemed to be a little bit better until this afternoon. I’m glad we didn’t go too far, we headed to Toys R Us to look at more baby stuff and came home, and I was aching already from the pelvic girdle pain but I got home and haven’t been feeling too great since and have been really poorly where I was just reduced to tears. I just want some help & most of all that it’s not affecting the little one and the only one suffering from this me.

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