Doctors, hospital & tests, oh my!

It has been quite the week so far, but with everything that’s been going on the last few weeks that I hadn’t blogged I just had to fit it in this week, no excuses!

Just this week I have had doctors visit, hospital visit, midwife visit, a ridiculous amounts of blood taken for various tests as I also had quite a scary turn with my colitis on Tuesday night that saw me visiting just in one day visiting the doctor who then got me in to the hospital that afternoon. At my previous midwife appointment, my bump was measuring a week behind (24 weeks at 25) and this week at 28 weeks bumpy is measuring 29 weeks. Well, after the colitis flare (which is easing up each day! yippee!) this is a huuuuge relief! I’m really looking forward to my scan on Monday now to see how the little one is doing where I was worried before. Though my poor arm after all the blood was taken and it bruised, actually turned blue during the last 2 vials that needed to be done, is very sore at the moment… and my beloved husband hasn’t given me any sympathy… Boohoo!

This is my pregnancy journal as it stands so far, mainly just talking about the falling pregnant part up to the 12 week scan. I really need to get the first scan at almost 8 weeks in there, I can’t believe I forgot that!




And hubby has been playing with his Back to the future lego!


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