Hanson Crafts Branding

Hanson Crafts BRANDING

I’ve been a big fan of the whole “branding boards” for some time now (I even have a ton of Branding Boards pinned over at Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/mmmbisto/branding/) I just adore looking at them, they give me warm fuzzies! As much as I love design, and drool over magazine layouts and like to try and dabble in it, I am absolutely terrible at it! A part of me wishes I could do something like that for a living though, and I’ve even loved webdesign since the early 2000s when I used to spend entire Sundays locked away in my bedroom at home just sat working on a brand new website layout for my Greymatter blog… Ah the good old days! Funnily enough, as is the norm, life got in the way and I began doing less and less web design and so over the last year I’ve been trying to sort of catch back up in everything I have missed. Back in January when I was made redundant the original plan was that I was going to go back to college and do something in webdesign and design but on the other hand I was absolutely happy to get a new job within that first week, but then the whole college idea was soon forgotten.

So this weekend just gone, I was thinking about “branding” this blog here and spent the entire day pouring over quite literally everything on my various pinterest boards for Branding, Websites and Design. Then I decided that I would do my own branding board first for what I did for the Hanson Crafts website, so a bit backwards way of doing it really LOL, but I just wanted to do it for fun 🙂

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