Those hormones

Another “day in the life” day and its a particularly odd one. We have had glorious weather for a while now but today its miserable, however we have the windows open because its been pretty warm yet outside its quite cool in some areas. While sitting in my car at lunch it felt positively autumnal outside yet I had to have my car windows open as it was stuffy inside. Very peculiar day indeed.

The Yahoo crew that followed Joy Prouty (see previous blog post) have got the news piece up and you can find it here:

Its officially V day tomorrow, this means my baby is viable so if born s/he will have a 50% chance survival rate and as the weeks progress the odds increase. Just such a relief to get this far 🙂 I have however been suffering with the old hormones, and a few rude strangers have certainly seen the worst of it, but to be fair they did deserve a bit of earache for being so damn rude. But I have found one moment I want to cry, the next I am absolutely seething angry! There are some happy moments in between too, I have literally been all over the place emotionally!

So what has been happening around here lately…?


I have been catching big spiders!


Parents treated me to some Lucky Charms ^_^


Playing with Elijah


and being taught all about The Gruffalo by Oliver


Finally doing some baby shopping!


and taking a more recent selfie as my hair has grown tons and I have been wearing it back in a ponytail more and more recently. Just a little longer and it’ll all fit up without the smaller bits of hair being pinned back by a hair clip 😀

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