Carpet be gone!

Carpet be gone!

Finally today the health hazard of  a carpet was removed and new flooring put down, I am so excited & happy! (Ah the joys of settling down and getting old, a new Dyson vacuum cleaner and new flooring in your bathroom and you think it’s your birthday and Christmas all rolled into one! HA!)

It’s been quite a stressful few weeks health wise too, and after getting nowhere with the NHS I ended up going to a private hospital in the next town for a check up, and now a letter is being written to my colitis consultant at the regular hospital and I’ve been given the thumbs up, so a HUGE relief! I’m hoping soon enough I will be OK to go back to zumba class but for now I’m quite content lazing on the sofa & taking it easy getting Hubby cuddles 😀

And while lazing on the sofa, I get to catch up on class. I’m doing Cathy’s “Clean & Simple: The Workshop” over at Big Picture Classes. I love it so far, but I am a week behind on the assignments. Bit of catching up this weekend methinks!


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