T’is the season to party & be with family

Wednesday I had the day off work, and it was nice to simply do nothing.
Well I say nothing, but I did blow the bulb in the lamp, had to change that & then I had the fire on & so checked the carbon monoxide detector and changed the batteries on that. And cleaned up a little. But other than that, I sat & watched Miracle on 34th Street… I find it hard to believe myself that I’ve never seen this movie before but I loved it! Then recorded Phineas & Ferb xmas special onto DVD along with another film “home for the holidays”, 100 years of royal variety show… Just catching up on TV shows I can’t watch normally because the darling husband of mine has been rather attached to Call of Duty. I don’t know which one I hate more: COD or World of Warcraft LOL!

Christmas movie & a toasty fire


Saturday previous to that though I headed out with one of my favourite nephews. It was just me, Mum & Eljiah and we caught the bus into town. We didn’t do much, it was just nice to walk around and I got to push Elijah around for a little too which was quite a novelty for me ^_^ and while mum went in to a small shop to get some stuff I chatted away to him & took some pictures. OK 10 Hipstamatic photos, but I need some photos to get cracking on his scrapbook!

UntitledFast forward to last night & I got to go out with the Zumba ladies & I didn’t get to bed until 1am! Oops! But we had a great night, and tonight is our work xmas meal. Erm, after last night I certainly won’t be out late tonight!

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