Sat on the bus as I begin to write this post (18.42pm). You would not believe the week I’ve had, and it is going to continue into next week. Right now I just want to savour the weekend and get my car fixed and then wish it was Thursday lol. Actually better still, wish it was the following weekend and get to catch up with Oli.

Tuesday I did my usual morning routine to jump into my car. It wouldn’t go. I have spent the week catching the bus and then walking the rest of the way to work. But on the walk to the bus today I stopped and took a couple of photos which was quite neat.

My walk home

I haven’t had a weekly bus ticket since I finished college back in summer 2002! Still, I get to rise early on my weekend to try and jump start my car and get it down to Discount Tyres to buy a new battery. As my dad pointed out: it’s the same battery I’ve had since I had the car and it’s the summer. I need a new one. Getting up earlier was a bit of a nightmare, and just 4 days of it and I am exhausted. Tonight I didn’t get home until 7.10pm and I couldn’t be bothered to cook anything and I was tired by the time I got home. Heck it’s taken me almost 4 hours to write this post alone!

Not had a weekly bus ticket since 10 years ago lol. But car battery is dead and I'd rather spend £12 on the bus ticket and wait to get it charged than to spend out for a new battery!

And what do you think of the cool print we have up in our living room now…? 😀

Mickey mouse print. Cannot get it flaming straight!

Anyway, I am off to bed because it’s really late and I am beyond exhausted!

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