I am actually quite shocked myself to be honest, I have not been counting the calories for weeks now, it’s been and going to be some time before I get to go swimming again. I’ve been snacking on the usual crap (I’ve been super busy at work lately though it shouldn’t be an excuse, I know) just on Monday we had no food in the house and shopping want being delivered until 8pm and I was hungry. I happened to find a bag of Doritos in the cupboard and that was my tea. Then the shopping arrived and I had hot buttered crumpets! I really didn’t want to weigh myself as I have not been feeling great on the meds I have been given after my hospital appointment & *ahem* my “lady” issues too. But I knew I had to face it and come to terms with my slight hiccup of a 1 pound gain.
Hot buttered crumpets for tea
I was prepared to chastise myself for giving up once again and wondering why I keep doing it to myself.
The truth was that I had actually lost two pound! Say what? There has got to be some mistake, surely? Hey, not that I am complaining mind you! I thought I was stuck at 9 stone (126lb) and was never to break through! I am now 124 (8st 12!) woo-hoo!
I’ve come so far and I will inevitably put weight on when I get to America and my goal is still achievable. I can still do this! I have but 4 pound left to lose unto I reach my first goal weight. Yes I’d love to get down to about 8st. Sure the old muffin top is still there, but it’s a work in progress, and I wore a dress on Monday and I felt positively fabulous in it. Sometimes it’s just nice to dress up and it’s easy to lose that, especially for me as I very very rarely get to dress nicely.

Bloody Nora! How did that happen!? Not that I'm arguing mind!

It’s also been a time for a bit of reflection for me as the August bank holiday approaches, autumn is right around the corner (a season I’ve not been a fan of until the last year or two!) and back to school shopping is in full swing (hmm, note to self: I need new trousers for work) and some changes are in order around this place. Starting with an “autumn deep clean” around the flat for sure this bank holiday and some quality husband time as I’ve been retreating and hiding myself away after work because I’ve wanted a bit of an escape, and he’s been so understanding of it and hasn’t complained though I’m sure he wants to lol. I do feel like I’m constantly battling with myself over things, and it’s time I overcome them and be the better person I strive to be. Only I can make the changes and I have to stand up and finally do them, and I shall start by cleaning the bathroom and sorting the bedroom out this weekend! The bigger projects (the kitchen and lounge!) will be on my list for the next few weekends after that, not to mention keeping my fingers crossed for some dry weather to get cracking on the garden!

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