Glad it’s over!

The whole experience at hospital itself wasn’t that bad, thanks to the drugs that’s for sure. I wasn’t quite away with the fairies as my UC buddies suggested, but I was woozy and it made the whole thing a little more… manageable.


No, what got me was the whole “prep” thing. I was sent a big bag of medicines by the hospital to take the day prior to my appointment, and oh my gosh. It was horrific. The medicine I hated the most out of all of it, moviprep, was a lemon and salt flavour powder that I had to mix with a litre of water and drink over an hour. On Sunday it took me well over 2 hours to drink it, but I somehow managed to chug it down. Monday morning at 6am I had to drink a further 1 litre over an hour. With 10 mins left on the clock, I barely drank a quarter of it when I just couldn’t physically drink anymore. My body was literally rebelling against me. “Just one more sip” I thought… I sipped… and I threw it ALL back up again.

It was a hard decision to not go swimming on Sunday morning, but at 10am I had to take  tablets and wash it down with 2 litres of water (and after that much water, swimming was just not happening!), and I had to explain to my 3 year old nephew that I wasn’t swimming as I had lots of medicines to take that day and drink a lot of water too. Then come lunch time as everyone tucked into their Sunday roasts… I had a small bowl of vanilla icecream, as no solid food was permitted, but some vanilla icecream was permitted. To be fair, I’m glad I had it because no food that day was HARD. By Monday morning I was just feeling terrible from the lack of food, not to mention I had hardly slept at all the entire night either.

I thought that I would have been positively ravenous afterwards but I really wasn’t. I happily ate the fruit shortbread biscuits and hot chocolate, but for the rest of the day I couldn’t manage a lot of food. Only today am I getting my appetite back, but I’m still not eating tea at night.

I also got rather excited when a friend of mine (a fellow UK Scrapper) posted for help on her WordPress site, and I absolutely jumped at the chance! I hadn’t designed anything in aaaaaaaages. So I did this design for her 🙂 Check out her site: Foxys Fancies.

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